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Dear Doms and doormats, please follow me on Twitter. I’ll be Tweeting fairly frequently and letting you know what’s on my barefoot agenda as far as walking on people.

Find me on Twitter at @Malefootdom

Can’t wait to here from you all.



The feel of a woman underfoot.

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I absolutely adore the feel of a woman underfoot…

Standing on a poor thirtysomething woman in the park

Rage vs Victor, pt 2, Sept 21, 2012 match


This is a continuation of my last post, Foot vs Face, the duel.

Foot on the side of the face

Here, I’m continuing to punish Rage for every inch closer he gets to mounting me, but he’s still coming. What kind of low self-esteem do you need to have in order to force your way on top of a guy when to do so means driving your face right into his sweaty, dusty-soled bare foot? This guy is unbelievable.

The wost position Rage Rage got me in. But I’m not the guy with a another man’s bare foot in his face! Even had he gotten on top of me, how much of a win would he have had after eating my foot for over a minute!

So here we have Rage, as close as he came to winning some points in this match. My left foot is jammed hard into his nose, and I can feel his lips all over the sole of my foot as he pushes into it.


With a massive effort, I manage to drive Rage’s face back with my feet and topple him onto his ass. I don’t want him just getting back on top of me, so I keep his hands tightly held and grab his face with the soles of my feet. I just want to keep him where he is until I figure out my game plan for going back onto offense. By now, Rage must have a very good idea of what the soles of my feet feel like against his face!


Pressing my advantage!


I decide to buy a little more time by breaking Rage’s balance and getting him to lie down. Both of my feet are enough to bowl him over while he’s in a sitting position, one foot planted between his bitch tits, another foot on his chin, just for insurance.


Now we’re talking!

At last, I manage to get to my feet, nimbly rolling upwards and running over to Rage while he’s still struggling to get up. I waste no opportunities with a dangerous opponent like Rage. I stand on his chest right away and immediately perform about a dozen “steps” on his chest by running in place on his chest. Rage’s puts out a rough “Uf!” with each pounding step on his ribs!


I’ll begin the next chapter of this match with me clearly taking the offensive!


Daily Foot in Face, Oct 5, 2012


Here you are, doormats and Doms! An look at where the match between Rage and me is headed!


Wrestler Victor Black restrains Rage with his big toes. (Rage sold separately)

Foot Versus Face: the duel, Victor vs Rage

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In my recent match against Rage, we had a very different start to our match. Rage has gotten to be a much better wrestler, and he quickly managed to put me on my ass! I instinctively got my feet on his chest and then started to work them up into his grill–anything to keep him getting a mount on me.

Holding him off with both feet in his man breasts!

It was fun to be on the defensive. I’m very good with my feet when it comes to fighting from the ground. I’ve got both feet planted, toes buried in his breasts. He’s not getting one inch closer to mounting me until he finds a way around my bare feet!

Walking my feet up Rage’s chest

After pushing Rage backwards with my feet for a good twenty seconds, I managed to push him far enough back to have room to walk my feet up his chest and get my left pressed right into his lips. My right heel is grinding into his sternum and keeping him far enough back to sneak my left foot up into his face.

Both feet in his face. Let the duel begin!

I manage, after about thirty whole seconds–a long time when a big brute like Rage is trying to sit on you!–to get my right foot under Rage’s chin, and that changes the game. Control a man’s head, and you can start to control the rest of him. By wedging the ball of my foot under his chin, I’m able to start pushing his head upwards, breaking his forward and downward momentum, and taking away some of the benefits of his weight advantage.

If one foot won’t work, try the other…

I’d tried to budge the big fat man by driving his chin upwards with my right foot. I was still just holding him off, so I let my right foot fall to his lap and held most of his force back with that foot. I then worked my left foot into the side of his face. I pushed and pushed, but couldn’t turn his head to face sideways (Rage is really strong and stubborn). So I begin with the psychological warfare. I use my foot to irritate and humiliate him. I play with him. With my right foot, I slap the ball of my foot onto his ugly round cheek and push it up, exposing his teeth in a grimace. If I can’t push you around with my feet, I’ll painfully and embarrassingly mash your face into a Muppet-like expression. There are few things I consider as photogenic as my feet and toes pulling and pushing a man’s face into a clump of folds, exposed gums, and grimacing features! Ha!

Getting some traction, literally.

Still holding most of Rage’s charge back with my right foot, I get a little more serious with my left, planting it into the side of the big bear’s face. I have enough time to really get a good foothold on him, with my bare heel tucked up under his chin and jaw. I can really unload and give his face a sharp shove now.

Doing my best!

So much for plan A! Rage is just too overpowering, and all I’m managing is to keep his head as far from me as possible, but I’m not having much luck moving his big body¬† away from me. I’m still prone, but have both feet on guard. I’ve got his hands tied up, which at least give me some freedom to use my feet to negotiate his chest and face. Sometimes you have to be patient and just survive your opponent until you can defeat him…

Feet in his kisser, but I’ve been in a more commanding position than this, as much as I’m humiliating him by making him force his face hard into my waiting feet.

As you can see, my position is getting a tad desperate. As a last resort, I jam both of my feet into his kisser and just hang on, hoping I can last longer than he can. I found myself wondering right about then what it felt like to have my cold, dusty feet grinding away on your lips… Yum.

Deft use of both feet. One stays in his kisser, the other plunges into his fat centre of mass.

To hold of a man as big and strong as Rage, you need to improvise and change tactics often. After blocking him successfully for a ten seconds with feet in his face, he managed to adjust his stance and push his face right past both feet. I let him through, but stomped my right foot hard into his gut, blunting his charge, then got the ball of the foot onto his sternum to block most of his weight. Then I got right back into his face with my left foot. Toes curled over his upper lip. How does you family enjoy watching you deal with another man’s toes on your lips, Rage?

There we go!


Finally, I’ve got a good purchase on the side of his face and I’m starting to inflict a little discomfort. Something to make him think twice about just driving through to a mount position. That grimace of pain is from my right foot stabbing into his pectoral and my left shoving his face sideways as hard as I can. Rage is having to put all his strength into keeping me from foot-shoving his face hard to one side. It felt great feeling his beard and soft cheek on the sole of my foot! To Rage’s dad, I’d ask, would you be willing to drive your face into another man’s bare foot just for a chance to get a superior position on him? Well, have a look at your son working his face hard into my ploughing foot!


Daily Foot in Face, Victor vs Rage … again!

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Couch surfing Rage!

So here I am couch-surfing Rage like the coach-board he is.I’m steering him with both arms and balancing on his purple mug with both feet! More pics from this shoot coming soon!



Daily Foot in Face: Jobber walk!

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Walking on a jobber

Here I am wrestling Jobber, a really submissive guy who lives to have his ass kicked in a wrestling ring. He’s not putting up much of a fight, so I opt for a leisurely barefoot stroll on his prone body, starting on his chest and moving onto his face. L loved how this dude’s face felt under the sole of my foot–weathered skin, unshaven, little prickles from his whiskers. Ah, variety, the spice of life.




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