Barefoot Bully novel in the works!

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Hi, Doms and doormats.

I’m working on an erotic novel that’s at least a little autobiographical. I intend to release it along with those of several other writers I intend to recruit for a new niche erotic fiction company. So, that’s some more good news for you, my darling degenerate worms–perhaps you’d consider writing and submitting some serious erotic writing to me for publication. I’d like very much to have some real gay fetish writing as well as plenty of bisexual and bi-curious themes represented.


I’ll be writing initially on my favourite themes: male and female foot fetish, cuckolding, male domination of both men and women, and rough sex.


If you are serious about writing a novel for me, please contact me at and I can give you more information. I intend to launch the press with about thirty novels, so I’m eager to get as many good writers working on manuscripts as possible. You’ll work with an editor (moi) and receive a contract that entitles you to a good royalty, should the press succeed and your book make money.


Please drop me a line, those who are interested. And please, do tell all your friends I’m looking for writers as well.






New Barefoot Bully Clips!!


Good news, folks. I’ve found some recent but forgotten footage. Here are some captures from the raw, unedited content (I’ll edit it for the clips, not to worry). Here’s me wrestling Todd a year or so ago.


A classicl arm stretcher, with my left foot stepping on the left side of his face. Ordinarily, I step on the right side of a person's face in that position.

A classicl arm stretcher, with my left foot stepping on the left side of his face. Ordinarily, I step on the right side of a person’s face in that position.


The action was very hot, but it always is with Todd. He’s got just my kind of fight in him.


Fishing for the corner of his mouth with my big toe.

Fishing for the corner of his mouth with my big toe.

My classic original move: the Reverse Double Fish Hook!

My classic original move: the Reverse Double Fish Hook!


Inn short, folks, I’m back ahead of schedule with new unpublished material. It’s all golden action with me fighting constantly to get my bare feet crammed harder and harder into Todd’s pretty little face. I’ll add more photos and soon enough, say days, I’ll release a video.



Hello, Worms.


I really appreciate all the support you all give my clipstore, guys and gals. Your financial support as my loyal customers of my clipstore has made a big difference in my life. Somehow, I’m going to start serving you up some new material, or so I hope and intend, with Zoe’s blessing (Christ willing). I do have to say that I really miss stomping on a real man, or lad. I’ve thus far always been more comfortable going all out on a man–really standing on him the way I want to (without the worrying about how much weight you have stepping down on him or her with one or both feet). I feel free to physically bully and humiliate another man with a deeper abandon. There’s also nothing like a man’s tongue washing the soles of my feet.


Writing this horny and high as hell. Feel like making someone gag on my bone in between sessions of sucking my toes.

How are you all doing? I hope you’re well. What a loyal, devoted audience of fetish you all are. Write me sometime, about just about anything–even if you just want to get acquainted. You guys number in the low hundreds, I’m guessing. So you’re all totally important to me and I feel some connection to you all, particularly those of you who write in.  Wow. How mushy. Revolting.

Jobber Walker, pts 1 and 2


Here are the links to two new videos. There is a third vid available on my clipstore as well.

Passcode: “victorrules10”


Finger fishhook for a change!

Finger fishhook for a change!

Jobber Walker, pt 2, free gift to you worms!


Hi, everyone. Here’s Jobber Walker, the second part. I do some serious recreational barefooting on this dude.


Passcode: victorrules10

New Free Video : Jobber Walker pt 1

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passcode: victorrules10

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Good solid footwork!

Good solid footwork!


Jobber Walker pt 1. Enjoy, folks!

New Free Video: Victor versus bodybuilder!


Everyone please enjoy. I loved humiliating this muscle hunk. passwords is “victorrules10”. Let me know how you like it!

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