Here are the last moments of this great session with ryan, my floormat. I was doing dishes and getting dinner ready while using ryan as a floormat to keep from getting footprints all over a newly washed floor.

Standing on ryan

Look at him. You’d think I killed him, wouldn’t you. No, he’s just saving his strength and closing his eyes to cope with the sustained pressure on his chest from fifteen minutes of straight chest and face standing.

Clenching his face with my toes

Now this might look cruel, what I’m doing here, grabbing his face with my toes and digging my big toe into the corner of his mouth. But I’m really just asking him, “Hey, are you alive down there, doormat? Give me a sign. Just moan a little so I know you’re still conscious.”

Yep, stil conscious down there.

Again, folks, I’m not being excessively cruel in the act the above photo depicts. I hadn’t gotten a peep out of him by giving his face a grab with my foot, so I transferred most of my weight to my right foot, on his face, and dug my toes into his cheek hard to put him in a sharp enough pain to give me a sign if he really was conscious. Remember, I can see how he’s doing when I’m standing on the side of his face like this! I have to be able to determine whether I’m killing him or not!

Going for a dip.

Okay, so doormat here had given me a little yell of pain, so I knew he was still with me. You’ll notice I didn’t continue to crush his face under my foot, I hope? The purpose had been served, so I lifted my right foot off his face and let him have some more tender treatment by putting my toes in his mouth for him to suck.

Giving him both heels to kiss

So this is painful variant on the nearly full-weight facestand I did on ryan with my boot heels, just with bare heels. I must say, it felt great to feel his lips being crushed under my heels against his teeth. Quite a lot of saliva was squeezed out between his lips in little jets of warm spit caused by the sheer pressure on his lips. It also felt like a long, drawn out kiss on the bottom of my heels. Very, very pleasant. I’d love to do this to a full-lipped woman with her lips done in a blood-red lipstick.

Just playing with his face

Here I’m just using my big toe to force his mouth open, giving him the classic doctor’s “Open your mouth and say ‘ah'”.

That's a good patient. Now let's get a good look inside there...

I’m just continuing my barefoot examination of my patient’s mouth and throat. I’m about to test his gag reflex and make sure he has one. Consider me and ear, nose, and throat specialist!

Testing his tongue strength.

Now this may look cruel and humiliating, but really it’s not. Part of any good medical exam is thoroughness, and it was important–and a standard part of any ear, nose, and throat exam, I might add–to use a tongue depressor of some kind to test a patient’s tongue strength, a  lack of which can be an indicator of any number of oral/maxillary diseases. I was short of tongue depressors, so instead I invented a new technique that works even better to determine both tongue strength as well as dexterity. I hold my foot over a patient’s mouth and close my toes together hard, and then I ask a patient to try to force his tongue between my closed toes. If he can get through all four insertions on my one foot, I can give that patient a pass if he’s between ages 18 and 35 and male. I’m satisfied with three insertions between my toes for men between 35 and 55.

So now I must admit my shameless and for the most part transparent plug of my alternative medicine techniques. As well as being a dominant male with a love of using my feet, I also do a range of foot fetish-oriented health care treatments. And this has been the first time I’ve promoted them on this site. I’m sure that if anyone objects to this use of my lovely blog to promote my foot fetish medical treatments, they’ll let me know by posting a comment.

You are all very communicative from what I’ve seen and I love to read each and every blog post you all send me.

Lots of love,

Dr Black

PS. I’m currently accepting new patients and am not charging for treatments during trials of these new techniques. You need only email me at to arrange an appointment for a either a medical or participation in an experiment.