Sternum pressure


As you can see, Monika’s face is showing tentative relief: my foot has left her aureole and now steps right between her tits, tamping just the first inner rises of each of her breast against her ribs. She feels most of the weight on her breastbone, or sternum, which makes it hard for her to breathe. I’m happy to exchange a little pain for some background anxiety about her breathing.


breast divider


I’ve always loved women’s breasts. Who doesn’t? Here I space them apart from each other by snuggling my foot between them. As I worked my foot in between, I could feet her perky breasts lay back down on her ribs slightly and ease against my outstep and the arch of my foot like as if they were tired and needed to lean on something for a while. It was a wonderful sensation.


Labia stepping/gas pedal


Isn’t this wonderful? I decided to work on monika’s pussy next and, no sooner had I set my heel on the ground and pressed the ball of my foot onto her little box than Monika sucked in a huge breath and grimaced in sheer miserable pain! I thought my stepping on her breasts had been trying for her. I decided to apply only moderate pressure to her labia with my foot.


other foot

After keeping my foot on her pussy for a good twenty seconds, she began to breathe more naturally again and to lower her arms back to her sides. I decided to give my calf muscles in my right leg a rest and applied my left foot, adding nice , fresh pressure and put my big toe into a more centred spot, right between her lips, rather than resting to the side of one lip as I had with my right foot. Monika reacted immediately with a more closed, contorted body language than before. I decided not to offer her any relief from the pain and kept the pressure on her.


Digging into her with my toes

Here is what I was after. Tribulation. I’d put monika’s pussy through enough pain for monika to have to reconcile herself to it and stop putting up inner walls of resistance to the sensations I was making her feel. As people who have been tortured or have experienced chronic pain know, it’s really the lack of surrender to the stress emanating from the body in response to the pain that gives the black experience it’s cutting edge. When you simply accept the situation, give yourself over to it, the pain is transformed and can almost become a feeling of euphoria. Lots and lots of endorphins are being released by these pain triggers, so that when you take the edge off the pain with surrender, you can then immerse yourself in the masking pleasure bath that your nervous system and glands are serving you. It may be hard to see, but monika is wearing a cross between a smile and a grimace on her face, as she is tossed on the waves of both pleasure and pain. The trick to giving her a good ride is to keep my foot working on her and giving different stabs of pain for her to deal with. I’m pushing the ball of my foot into her pussy, twisting it left and right, and then digging into her labia with my toes. It was a very sexy way to manhandle this beautiful woman. I think she enjoyed it as well–at least a little bit.


Working with my toes

If you’ll give this even a casual glance, you can’t fail to notice how far into Monika’s crotch I’ve wedged my foot. Although none of my toes have opened her labia (that I can tell) they have pushed them inwards, like a battering ram forcing doors back against their hinges, right into the castle. I can feel a glorious passage just under my big toe, which is knocking at her doorstep right under her clitoris, and I am content to begin a slow, pulsing pressure against her wall with all my toes, pressing down and rotating my foot in a very small clockwise motion to add a softer stimulation than just that of my toes pounding and shoving at her labia.


More soon…