My high thoughts, tonight (on fucking men, stepping on them, degrading them them in general)

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This article is going to be fun to write. I offer it as a high, aroused spontaneous meditation, focussing on just a few themes: stepping barefoot all over men, ejaculating on men, and facefucking men.



That's kind of a humiliating hold to find oneself in. My favourite hold-down.

That’s kind of a humiliating hold to find oneself in. My favourite hold-down. I love looking at my toes clawing this CEO’s chin and lips! Digging into his face with my toes!

So, this is Barefoot Bully at his best. A male opponent, and most often the female ones as well, wind up battling my feet one way or another throughout the session. I’ll kick you, I’ll stomp on you, and I’ll grind my foot or my boot right into your kisser, or gag you by ploughing my bare foot down your throat. Men, women even better. But even then, there’s something unbelievably hot about one man stepping barefoot on another. It totally turns me on. There’s a big pro wresting root there for me. It’s such a gay BDSM affair from the start, isn’t it? One dominant evil man tortures a good, submissive man for most of the match. The “squash match”, I later learned such matches, or mis-matches, were called, had a creative/narrative formula. After the good guy gets tricked, cheated, brutalized cruelly, often by another man’s feet/boots, assaulted with weapons and bloodied, often enough in front of family who may be watching (adding the shame/horror effect) at home or in the live audience, and after dripping blood all over the mat finally defeats the brutal bullying wrestler with a simple one-tow-three-count. It’s utterly an S and M fantasy! I love Bluto and Popeye–classic and epitomizing case. I think I liked the violence in pro wrestling for the same reasons I like liked Popeye and Looney Toons cartoons–one male dominant performer stepping barefoot all over another, humiliating him. Who cares if Popeye came out the victor? Bluto dug his bare feet into Popeye’s face and made paper machee out of the good guys face with his toes!


Deep sixing my foot down this loudmouth CEO's throat!

Deep sixing my foot down this loudmouth CEO’s throat!


Even here, in my post-modern barefoot bully clips, I’ve still got my bare foot down my opponent’s throat! But there have been numerous times that I’ve dominated men and women with my bare feet!


Angel and Victor Oct 21, 2009 scene 3e

Stepping up to do my duty!

Stepping up to do my duty!

I love tampling my opponent’s underfoot!


Victor serves Monika his toes!

Victor serves Monika his toes!


Moinka loves a good taste of Victor's Toes!

Moinka loves a good taste of Victor’s Toes!





Victor convinces Monika to clean the soles of his feet with her tongue!

Victor convinces Monika to clean the soles of his feet with her tongue!


Essentially, what I’m saying is that the men and women that I wrestle deserve nothing so much as to worship my feet and toes after being rendered suitably submissive and docile! Happy and even aroused at the thought of putting my toes in their mouths!


Monika: Podo-Chiropractice pt 5


Sternum pressure


As you can see, Monika’s face is showing tentative relief: my foot has left her aureole and now steps right between her tits, tamping just the first inner rises of each of her breast against her ribs. She feels most of the weight on her breastbone, or sternum, which makes it hard for her to breathe. I’m happy to exchange a little pain for some background anxiety about her breathing.


breast divider


I’ve always loved women’s breasts. Who doesn’t? Here I space them apart from each other by snuggling my foot between them. As I worked my foot in between, I could feet her perky breasts lay back down on her ribs slightly and ease against my outstep and the arch of my foot like as if they were tired and needed to lean on something for a while. It was a wonderful sensation.


Labia stepping/gas pedal


Isn’t this wonderful? I decided to work on monika’s pussy next and, no sooner had I set my heel on the ground and pressed the ball of my foot onto her little box than Monika sucked in a huge breath and grimaced in sheer miserable pain! I thought my stepping on her breasts had been trying for her. I decided to apply only moderate pressure to her labia with my foot.


other foot

After keeping my foot on her pussy for a good twenty seconds, she began to breathe more naturally again and to lower her arms back to her sides. I decided to give my calf muscles in my right leg a rest and applied my left foot, adding nice , fresh pressure and put my big toe into a more centred spot, right between her lips, rather than resting to the side of one lip as I had with my right foot. Monika reacted immediately with a more closed, contorted body language than before. I decided not to offer her any relief from the pain and kept the pressure on her.


Digging into her with my toes

Here is what I was after. Tribulation. I’d put monika’s pussy through enough pain for monika to have to reconcile herself to it and stop putting up inner walls of resistance to the sensations I was making her feel. As people who have been tortured or have experienced chronic pain know, it’s really the lack of surrender to the stress emanating from the body in response to the pain that gives the black experience it’s cutting edge. When you simply accept the situation, give yourself over to it, the pain is transformed and can almost become a feeling of euphoria. Lots and lots of endorphins are being released by these pain triggers, so that when you take the edge off the pain with surrender, you can then immerse yourself in the masking pleasure bath that your nervous system and glands are serving you. It may be hard to see, but monika is wearing a cross between a smile and a grimace on her face, as she is tossed on the waves of both pleasure and pain. The trick to giving her a good ride is to keep my foot working on her and giving different stabs of pain for her to deal with. I’m pushing the ball of my foot into her pussy, twisting it left and right, and then digging into her labia with my toes. It was a very sexy way to manhandle this beautiful woman. I think she enjoyed it as well–at least a little bit.


Working with my toes

If you’ll give this even a casual glance, you can’t fail to notice how far into Monika’s crotch I’ve wedged my foot. Although none of my toes have opened her labia (that I can tell) they have pushed them inwards, like a battering ram forcing doors back against their hinges, right into the castle. I can feel a glorious passage just under my big toe, which is knocking at her doorstep right under her clitoris, and I am content to begin a slow, pulsing pressure against her wall with all my toes, pressing down and rotating my foot in a very small clockwise motion to add a softer stimulation than just that of my toes pounding and shoving at her labia.


More soon…


Monika: Podo-Chiropractice pt 4


During my next ten minutes with monika, I decided to use some advanced techniques on her body and face, so I decided bare feet would be best.

relaxing my client

As you can see, monika is becoming more relaxed but is still resistant. Her face is twisting into a grimace as I step down on it. But the sole of my foot is cool from walking on the hardwood floor and the soothing skin-on-skin contact will soon cause a market change in her body language. She’s coming to realize that the cruel cleats are done with, at least for now, and she can look forward to soft bare feet on her body and face.



Deeper relaxation, subconscious toe licking


Here, monika has begun to relax a gret deal. Her hands no longer clutch her shoulders, and she willing accepts my toes across her lips. In fact, she reflexively extends her tongue and squeezes it between my toes. My feet have always brought out the oral inclination in monika, and she soon become more conscious of what she’s just done subconsciously, almost like a baby accepting a soother to suck on.




Letting her give me a good lick


As she becomes more conscious of what she does, she seeks out my big toe, her favourite, and works it between it and my second toe. A favourite place for her to play.



breast step


monika has truly begun to relax and the treatment can begin in earnest. I step on her breast and close my toes over her aureole. She grimaces in pain and tells me it hurts, but her body language alone is more than enough for me to tell how much she’s hurting. Actually, she’s right where I want her–in moderate pain, with her breast tamped down against her ribs.


To be continued.

Monika Podo-chiropractice pt 3


Monika go through the first half an hour and asked for the second. Brave girl, and no shortage of toughness. So I began.



I started by stepping on her forehead, just as I had done before. She showed signs of being much more relaxed this time.


Stepping on her face -- still wearing cleated shoes


I’m easing my foot onto her face, starting with the heel and slowly rolling the rest of my foot down on the side of her face like a baker rolls a rolling-pin over dough.


Stepping on chest and breasts


Monika has a very beautiful chest and nice full tits. It’s a pleasure to step on them and know that bruising the heck out of them.


Squashing one breast


Again, I’m using a baker’s rolling-pin technique and rolling my foot over her tit, putting my heel on the incline of her tit, then stepping my foot down and flat over her aureole and nipple, and then pushing the toe of my shoe on the far side of her tit even as I lift my heel off the first area I’d stepped on. That’s how I prefer to trample a tit–a rolling motion rather than simply applying my whole foot to the tit at once and flattening it outright. I do crush tits flat on request as well, however.


Rolling Monika's doughy breast


Here’s a side angle of my foot rolling this bitch’s tit. And look at her expression. She’s actually enjoying the experience! Monika’s one of those limitlessly kinky girls who develops at least a mild fetish for whatever harsh treatment you serve her. I suspect she’s actually begun to enjoy being a doormat for me.


Heel between her tits, toe on her lips receiving a kiss


While it may seem unprofessional to many of you to make my client kiss my foot while I have her undergoing treatment, I can assure you that having my client demonstrate affection and subservience to me is an essential part of the treatment. The client must come to feel almost as though they are in the hands of a trusted family doctor, one who has know the family for years. Because as a professional care-giver I am put in the position of playing god with another person’s body, because I accept responsibility for giving the patient feelings and turn-ons no other person in his or her world can, I need to sustain this bedrock belief in me as a kind of god to establish the submissive’s fantasy in their mind. It’s only appropriate that this bitch demonstrate her gratitude to me for the pleasure I am producing in her by dabbing her wet lips to my foot, right on the sole of my shoe. She has to be made to understand how very lucky she is to be at, and to be under, my caring feet.

The clip of the second session will be available soon on my clips4sale store. I’ll have two more entries at least to cover this session. The next ones are coming soon.


Victor Black


Monika: Podo-chiropractice, pt 2

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Continuing with the session, I’d decided that I’d done as much as I could to give Monika a taste of what was to come and decided to begin the treatment in earnest.

Working the face

As you can see, she’s not exactly looking serene, but my treatments are not something a lot of people in the west, or anywhere else for that matter, are familiar with. Just as people have grown more comfortable with eastern remedies such as acupuncture and homeopathy, I think my foot fetish treatments of various sorts will catch on as more and more people try it and can pass on word of the benefits they experience shortly afterward (and for those with a foot fetish, during).

The cleats of my shoes are digging into Monika’s face and loosening up muscles and nerve clusters, and above all, the pain and humiliation she’s feeling is putting her in touch with a deeper, often hidden part of herself, and this part of the therapy is essential. She’s having time to realize that I’m she’s allowing a man she only knows as a producer of fetish vids and documentarian of foot fetish lifestyles to grind the cleats of his shoes on her face.

Harder pressure

Here I’m applying much more weight and force as I step down on her cheekbone hard. You can she that the toe ball of my foot is shoving her cheek upwards and mangling her face a little in the bargain. By the closed eyes and slightly furrowed brow, you can see she’s straining to keep her composure as I push on her face and thus push her further out of her comfort zone. One of the wonderful feelings I get when torturing a person like this is that I get to make contact with their face with my foot, but I get to interpose my shoes, my daily, sidewalk stepping, mud puddle hopping, lawn treading shoes. I get to rub a little of every piece of garbage, grit, gum, grass, dirt, cement, and linoleum tile off the soles of my shoes and smear it across the skin of her face. I love to take soles that are fresh from a walk in the rain and smear them all over a woman’s lips, dirtying them with every speck of ground my soles have touched that day. I love to do this with my bare feet as well, but it’s a different thrill.

About to stand on the gullible bitch

Here you can see the fear and trust the gullible girl has in me. I call her gullible not because my methods are ineffective or because I’m a charlatan. I can assure you, dear blog readers, that my methods do work. After paying me to lay at my feet and have your body cruelly and crudely walked on in shoes and bare feet for an hour, often with my foot crammed right into your face, you’ll feel foolish, embarrassed, stupid, and very, very humiliated. You’ll think to yourself: I’ve just paid to let myself be used as a carpet for this man’s sexual gratification. And you’ll be right to think so. You will have been had. But that’s not at all to say that I’m a fraud. In fact, the degradation is the primary factor that yields all of the benefits of deeper body relaxation and fuller integration with deeper levels of your own sexuality.

Monika trusts that I’m using her and that what I’m about to do is going to feel very abusive. But her face is fearful because she doesn’t yet know how much it’s going to hurt when I stand on her body full weight in my cleated cycling shoes.

Right on her ass, full weight

Look at the difference in Monika’s expression. She’s actually wearing a pained smile on her face as my right foot leaves her back and my left foot takes all of my weight and punches it into her buttocks, cleats leading the way. In looking at several photos of me standing on this bitch, I noticed that she always looked the most turned-on and when I was stepping on her ass. I wonder if it might have something to do with me putting my cleats into the softest, most well-protected part of her body, aside from her tits, which are bound to be much more sensitive.

Speaking of tits...

After spending a while stepping all over her ass, I thought I’d perhaps allowed Monika to become a little to comfortable. Fear is an important part of humiliation, after all. I decided to plunk my foot right between her tits, letting the outer and inner row of sharp cleats pinch the insides of her full breasts against her ribs. What would you say her closed eyes say about what she’s feeling right now? Study her body language. Reading a person’s body language is a hugely important part of running a good session with a submissive client. You have to manage their sensations, from start to finish, as well as the degrees of those sensations.

Shoe in her back

And after a little distracting fear and a tickling of her tits with the cleats of my shoes, I hopped back onto her back. Again, observe the body language. What do you see. Arms drawn in, fingers clutching shoulders–a clear sign of a person coping with pain. Forehead is creased, brow knitted, and her teeth are clenched, though not hard. She’s just inside of her comfort zone, with my left foot in her ass and my right foot sunk deep into the muscle tissue of her back.

This is the end of the first session with Monika. I’ll be documenting my second half hour session with her very soon. I hope this view into the exciting new world of pod0-chiropractice has been educational for you all. I hope very much that some of you will take me up on a session if you’re even in Toronto. Take care for now, Doms and doormats!

The video of this treatment can be found here.

Victor Black

Monika: Podo-chiropractice (Chiropractice using the feet)


Dear Dom and doormats,

I’m pleased to announce the opening of my my new foot-fetish medical walk-in clinic, a clinic for the practice of foot-oriented medicine for users of alternative medicine. The foundational assumption of my practice is that forms of massage, physiotherapy, chiropractice, et cetera, are made more effective when the patient is most relaxed, which often, but not always, occurs in a state of mild to moderate arousal. For foot fetishists, there is no runner-up for the human foot, especially for a punishing and sadistic foot, like mine. So, please to accept my offer of a free consultation and treatment and email to arrange an appointment for your foot fetish medical or podo-practice of your choice.

Monika and I had just wrestled for a solid hour, and I’d overwhelmed the poor woman yet again. I’d also made a point of jamming my bare feet in her face for most of each match and made her lick my toes right afterwards. You can simply click on Monika Maple in the categories to find the most recent matches I had with her in my studio apartment to view captures from the matches.

She was tired, hurt, aching, and told me so. I offered to give her an advance podo-chiropractice treatment months ahead of my launch of my new home-based clinic. She asked if I could be gentle with her, so I agreed to use the less demanding of my footwear while treating her. I’ve adapted a special pair of cycling choes with cleats for backwalking and massage, and I’m even able to use the cleated soles to massage the face, shoulders, and breasts.

Below, I’m demonstrating the shoe for the camera.

Tools of the trade

I am shopping for some new models of shoes that are even more thorough at penetrating through to trapped nerves and working muscle tissue.

Relaxing my patient

By stepping lightly on my patient’s head and grazing her scalp and cheek with the cleats of my shoe, I’m able to give her a sense of what she’s going to be feeling on her body when I stand on her. Again, this entire technique is about relaxation combined with controlled stresses. To start with, I need her deeply relaxes, do the first step is getting her accustomed to my shoes.


With a technique as brutal as mine is, it can take some time to make a patient comfortable with your shoes. By rubbing my cleats on her face and forehead, I can let her know how sharp, how tough, how painful the cleats will likely feel on the other areas of her body. This entire process of accustoming her to my shoes takes about five minutes.

On the belly.

You can see that I’m fighting a bit of an uphill battle with Monika. She’s really not managing to relax, even as turned on as she is by being a submissive carpet for me to walk on in any way I choose. She’s genuinely scared. I’m forced to spend more time getting her used to the cleats.

Sternum and tits

In the photo above she’s beginning to relax, but you can see she’s still hugging herself reflexively, protecting her vulnerable chest from me. We want her arms draped neutrally, resting at her sides.

More pressure on the face

I decide to change my tack. Rather than try to show Monika that there won’t be any pain that she can’t deal with by lightly applying my cleats to her body, I decide that by stepping right down on her face with some pressure, I can give her a real stressor to attach her stress to, rather than allowing her to just build up stress and fear in her body without giving it a focus.

I’ll continue to document this session with Monika shortly.

Foot in Face, Monika returns, pt 5


It had been a long time since I’d seen Monika and I’d prepared a special humiliation for her. If she managed to lose three matches in a row in very bad showings, I’d put her through some hell as punishment for such a poor performance. I know Monika really suffered the last time I made her eat from my toes, so I decided to combine a long-held fantasy with a punishment Monika would really appreciate.

Me, standing over the sacrifice


I’ve always wanted to walk barefoot in chocolate cake, feel the cool-from-fridge icing between my toes, the cake squishing under the balls of my feet, and then the hot contrast of a servile tongue lifting the icing and cake off my toes and soles. Monika was horrified at the sight of the cake and knew immediately what was in store for her.


First step

This was one of the most glorious first steps I’ve ever taken. I stepped flat right onto the surface of the icing, felt the chill it gave the bottom of my foot, and then started to push my foot down into the cake.


It was actually just a little unpleasant at first, the icing was that cold. It almost made me jump as the icing squirmed up between my toes and flowed over top of them. Monika, if you ever watch the video, is moaning away in repulsion and dread at what I’m doing to a perfectly good chocolate cake with my foot and also at the knowledge that she’s going to have to eat cake that I’ve stood in, lick up icing that’s been squished between my toes! Keep in mind, we’ve just been wrestling for about an hour and a half, so my feet have had plenty of time to sweat and to pick up grit and dirt from the mat. She asked me to wash my feet first, but I told her firmly No. If she’d have managed more than just to put me on my back for a few seconds of one match, I might have acceded to her request and washed my feet before making her lick cake from them. That should go as a warning to any of you losers who imagine they might fare better than Monika against me–the penalties are stiff, but I’m not without good discretion and a little mercy.

Sinking in


Here I am leading with my toes and the ball of my foot, sending the ball right to the bottom of the aluminum pan and parting the cake under it to either side of the pan. My toes are completely covered in icing.

Another look


sitting down, relaxing, and working my foot into the mud

 I’m getting used to the cold icing at this point, and start to lower my heel into the muddy cake and twist my foot back and forth to churn the once pretty, even cake surface into a moist loam. Monika was shrieking at the sight at this point. Really. I seem to have discovered the perfect combination of foot degradation and a food type to really horrify her. It seems, talking to her afterwards, that you just don’t step barefoot into a chocolate cake in principle–they’re too delicious and beautiful and perfect. Also, the idea of combining one of her favourite deserts with my fresh-off-the-exercise-mat foot seemed to turn her stomach. Maybe what she meant was that rather than just having something disgusting in her mouth, she’d actually be swallowing the chocolate cake this time (which she was doing) even if it was only the cake I could fork between my toes or the icing I could scoop onto them.

Monika nerves up for her first approach


Moment of truth


Here it is. The moment of truth for poor Monika. I’ll give this girl credit for one thing: once she accepts something, she generally sees it through with everything she’s got. She was having to take deep breaths and push past some serious revulsion at this task. I was even concerned she might get sick. But there she is gathering up cake from my toes on the first pass of her lips over my toes. Her tongue, always very warm on my toes, felt positively hot as it touched the pads of my middle toes on this swallow.

Working the mud all over my feet

 Monika shrieked her loudest when I added my second foot and started bathing one foot in cake and icing with the other, smearing gooey mud and loamy cake all over the tops of my feet and working it between my toes.

Presenting my feet for cleaning.

 After bathing my feet in cake, I got the icing an cake beaten into a nice uniform mix of soil and muck, giving my feet a beautiful, innocent appearance of a pair of feet that have just gone wading in a mud puddle for the sheer sensual delight of it.

I began to talk about the cake in terms of dirt, soil, and mud, and Monika got more and more grossed out. She was only able to manage a few more passes on my toes before nearly throwing up.

Monika's last licks


I give this incredible woman credit. How many beautiful women do you know who will keep coming back to confront a man in a physical challenge time and again only to be made to endure greater and greater degradations at his feet. Monika knows the taste and feel of my feet very well by now, and it’s said that custom reconciles us to everything. You should have seen the first time I put my big toe into Monika’s mouth–she was having to steel herself to the experience. I imagine it’s like the process of disembodiment that a woman on a torture table experiences after being worked on for a while–it’s a psychological and physical coping mechanism. So every once in a while, I must take pains (no pun intended) to crispen the experience of humiliation and displeasure, to ensure that Monika is fully present bodily and emotionally for each passing instant of her degradation. In this, I attained a glorious success in my barefoot cake torment.

I was proud, pleased, and gratified by the experience I put Monika through this day.

Monika is a sponge for degradation, as I’ve said many times, and you can see her in some fantastically disgusting degradation videos on her own site. Please visit this pathetic woman and experience a full gamut of her exposure to the torpid whims of dominant men.



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