The Joy of Using My Feet … End of Clip 1


Hi, doormats and Doms.


The past photos I’ve shared have all come from the first clip in the latest AJ series called Victor vs Sparring Partner. I’m spending a little more time breaking down my writing and photo blogging by clips and series of clips until I manage to find a way to create slideshows to upload to the clips4sale site and give people a better idea of the material they are getting. Once I do, I’ll probably go back to a more freeform style of writing and topic-finding.

Here are some photos from the later moments of the first clip:

Mixing it up...


I love to use more subtle approaches on my opponents and keep them guessing. It’s great fun to pin an arm down by stepping on a man’s hand and then crushing his arm under my other foot with most of my weight. The opponent really can’t do much except roll over to his side to try to push you off, but he can’t manage it from his position on the floor. I love letting the man feel my relaxation right through my feet and allowing him to wonder when I’ll be stepping off his arm.


heel stomping his gut


Another way I enjoy mixing it up is by stepping away from the pro-wrestling style footwork and going for some traditional street-fighting beatdown moves. Here, you can imagine me having beaten down AJ on a sidewalk somewhere downtown and then walking up between his legs and just putting my heel down hard into his soft belly and every bit of air being driven out of him. That’s nearly what happened here, where I didn’t use my full strength because I wanted him to be fully responsive to the next tortures I was going to inflict on him.


crotch smother

So, here’s a new trick. I get my legs around my opponent’s head, pull it right between them until their nose is crushed up against my package, and clamp their head in place with my thights. I’m just surprising the shit out of AJ at the moment the photo above was taken. His face is just getting its first up-close-and-personal with my junk. I thought you all might like the bare sole shot as well! And yes, by the way, it’s a pretty big turn on just forcing someone’s face into your groin!

Felating big toe


All good things must come to an end. I like to leave my opponents some steam in order for them to worship me after I’ve defeated them. If I outright incapacitate them, they only thing they are good for is standing on and victory poses, which are great fun in their own right, but today I specifically wanted my big toes sucked! AJ is more than willing to do this once I tell him it’s the last thing he’ll have to do that session, that day.





Foot in Face, Monika returns, pt 3

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Continuing from my last post, Monika managed to squeeze her face out from under my foot and got her shoulder into my stomach and tackled me down. She’s deceptively strong for such a losing competitor.

Holding her off with both feet. Bidding my time.

I’ll say this for monika, she’s quick on the attack in those rare opportunities where she sees and avenue of attack. She had most of her weight on me and was pushing forward into mount position. I managed the stronger of two defences, a clamping of my feet on her hips (a scissorhold around her waist is the weaker of the two). I decided that rather than push her off of me with my feet, I’d let her stay “in control” and burn more of her gas trying to get full mount. I can lay on my back in guard all day like this, just keeping a good hold of my opponent’s hips with my toes and letting them use muscle against my stationary weight.

Taking the offensive...

After feeling her intensity waver, I moved my feet up off her hips and crossed them in front of her face. I also pulled on her wrists, bringing her throat into my crossed feet. I’ve got one foot crossed over their collarbone so far and am working on getting the other foot in position.

Working my other foot into position.

Completing the choke came next.


Once I had monika caught in the foot choke, I was able to snag her around the head and wheel her over onto the mat and take back equal footing on the mat.

Her head trapped between my feet.

By this point, I’d had her. She couldn’t keep from being wheeled around onto her side by my foot choke. This kind of scissor foot-choke is very effective because you can turn it into a wind- or a blood-choke, and because you control your opponent’s head, you can put them anywhere you want on the mat. With this technique, you need make expert use of your feet to keep the head trapped between your insteps and to pull and push the person’s head up or down. I love moves like these! I get to use Judo like force manipulation against an opponent while also putting my feet around their head and humiliating them!

More to come from this match…

New thrill: headscissoring!


Yes, I have to say, getting a man or woman’s pretty little head between my cyclist’s thighs, clamping my ankles together and just squeezing that head until the trapped victim feels like I’m going to crush the sides of their heads inwards is quite a new thrill for me. I’ll always have the softest spot for letting my whole weight be supported by and tamped down upon some poor woman’s or man’s chest with both of my bare feet.

Here are some recent headscissors I’ve inflicted on Rage in a recent match, Victor vs Rage 9.

Head squeezed, face smothered by my left hamstring. Lovely!

 As I mentioned in my last post, I love using headscissors as a way to inflict pain an also to degrade my opponents by forcing their faces into my ass or my crotch.

Using my knees to scissor, and knee pit to hook under his chin and keep him locked in.


Cradling the nape of his neck against my package. He can feel that I'm enjoying it but can't do a thing about it!

In the pic above, I’ve got my feet hooked together around his stomach, my bare heels resting in the pit of his gut, and my thighs are squishing the sides of his face and head. I love using headscissors because with a single sharp tightening of the hold, you can crush any desire the opponent has to try to wriggle free! Here, I’m starting to get a rise out of this position and sheer blood pressure is starting to harden the pillowing my package was providing. He was aghast at the way I was letting myself harden against the nape of his neck and fought like a devil to get free. But  quick locking of my ankles and a flexing of my buttocks later, he was nice and docile again and let his head rest against my engorging penis.

There’s nothing like getting turned on by a helpless opponent, being able to force them to deal with it by actually feeling it happening, and keeping them a prisoner of its happening. I love having a male or female opponent have to deal with my hard ons.

More soon!

Love to you all, dear readers–even you really pathetic ones who would do anything to get a taste of my foot…


Daily Footnote: the pleasures of headscissoring


Dear Doms and doormats,

Sorry to be away from the blog a while. Life is still throwing me some waves since my move to the new place. I just wanted to pass along this photo of my using one of my new favourite holds: the headscissors.

Using the headscissors as a choke

Here’s the move. I usually like to use a forward or reverse headscissors with my thighs gripping each side of my opponent’s head and just hook my feet together and squeeze that head until my opponent can’t believe how fast the pressure builds and usually submits. With a front headscissor, I get to pull my opponent’s head down and bury their face in my crotch, as I do to Rage during this match. But with the reverse scissors, I can move my thighs down to their neck, then reach back and pull their faces into my buttocks by their hair! I love to give their faces a good grind against my ass! As I’ve said so often before, it gets them thinking about how much they hate you and need to get revenge. That’s not the thinking that wins you the match or even that gets you your revenge for the humiliation!

Enjoy! More from this humiliating new match to come. This is from Victor vs Rage 9, available here

Bye for now,