Daily Foot in Face! December 25th

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Well, technically, it's a big toe in mouth...

Merry Christmas, doormats and Doms!

Here’s a little taste of some stories of my wrestling adventures to come in 2012! Above you can see me wrestling Todd again, this time bullying him by making him suck my big toe prior to wrestling me–and getting his ass handed to him, I might add. Did you ever see such a broken will, such total acceptance of degradation?  I’ll be writing about this match very soon.


Victor Black


Standing on a stranger, pt 10 (bare feet)

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Here are the last moments of this great session with ryan, my floormat. I was doing dishes and getting dinner ready while using ryan as a floormat to keep from getting footprints all over a newly washed floor.

Standing on ryan

Look at him. You’d think I killed him, wouldn’t you. No, he’s just saving his strength and closing his eyes to cope with the sustained pressure on his chest from fifteen minutes of straight chest and face standing.

Clenching his face with my toes

Now this might look cruel, what I’m doing here, grabbing his face with my toes and digging my big toe into the corner of his mouth. But I’m really just asking him, “Hey, are you alive down there, doormat? Give me a sign. Just moan a little so I know you’re still conscious.”

Yep, stil conscious down there.

Again, folks, I’m not being excessively cruel in the act the above photo depicts. I hadn’t gotten a peep out of him by giving his face a grab with my foot, so I transferred most of my weight to my right foot, on his face, and dug my toes into his cheek hard to put him in a sharp enough pain to give me a sign if he really was conscious. Remember, I can see how he’s doing when I’m standing on the side of his face like this! I have to be able to determine whether I’m killing him or not!

Going for a dip.

Okay, so doormat here had given me a little yell of pain, so I knew he was still with me. You’ll notice I didn’t continue to crush his face under my foot, I hope? The purpose had been served, so I lifted my right foot off his face and let him have some more tender treatment by putting my toes in his mouth for him to suck.

Giving him both heels to kiss

So this is painful variant on the nearly full-weight facestand I did on ryan with my boot heels, just with bare heels. I must say, it felt great to feel his lips being crushed under my heels against his teeth. Quite a lot of saliva was squeezed out between his lips in little jets of warm spit caused by the sheer pressure on his lips. It also felt like a long, drawn out kiss on the bottom of my heels. Very, very pleasant. I’d love to do this to a full-lipped woman with her lips done in a blood-red lipstick.

Just playing with his face

Here I’m just using my big toe to force his mouth open, giving him the classic doctor’s “Open your mouth and say ‘ah'”.

That's a good patient. Now let's get a good look inside there...

I’m just continuing my barefoot examination of my patient’s mouth and throat. I’m about to test his gag reflex and make sure he has one. Consider me and ear, nose, and throat specialist!

Testing his tongue strength.

Now this may look cruel and humiliating, but really it’s not. Part of any good medical exam is thoroughness, and it was important–and a standard part of any ear, nose, and throat exam, I might add–to use a tongue depressor of some kind to test a patient’s tongue strength, a  lack of which can be an indicator of any number of oral/maxillary diseases. I was short of tongue depressors, so instead I invented a new technique that works even better to determine both tongue strength as well as dexterity. I hold my foot over a patient’s mouth and close my toes together hard, and then I ask a patient to try to force his tongue between my closed toes. If he can get through all four insertions on my one foot, I can give that patient a pass if he’s between ages 18 and 35 and male. I’m satisfied with three insertions between my toes for men between 35 and 55.

So now I must admit my shameless and for the most part transparent plug of my alternative medicine techniques. As well as being a dominant male with a love of using my feet, I also do a range of foot fetish-oriented health care treatments. And this has been the first time I’ve promoted them on this site. I’m sure that if anyone objects to this use of my lovely blog to promote my foot fetish medical treatments, they’ll let me know by posting a comment.

You are all very communicative from what I’ve seen and I love to read each and every blog post you all send me.

Lots of love,

Dr Black

PS. I’m currently accepting new patients and am not charging for treatments during trials of these new techniques. You need only email me at footscribe2@yahoo.ca to arrange an appointment for a either a medical or participation in an experiment.

Standing on a stranger, pt 6 (bare feet)


I enjoyed unburdening my feet of my boots and runner and letting them spread out freely on ryan’s face and chest. Just as there’s no replacement for walking on a man in my shoes or boots or socks, there is no replacement for going barefoot on someone. So, without further adieu, off with the socks!


On ryan's privates


A testament to how horny and tough ryan is as a floormat–his erection stayed rock hard the entire time I walked on him and in the photo above I could feel his dick almost lifting my foot away from his crotch, he was so plank-hard.


Just getting started, carefully at first in order to keep my balance even if the little squirt writhes under me


There’s nothing like that first step onto  a willing chest. The ball of my foot eases snuggly onto his sternum and floating ribs. I like to mix hard and soft play, and though I could begin all my tramples with one big jumping stomp onto his body, I prefer to mix the approach and go soft and almost gentle much of the time as I lead up into the real deal. But ask anyone who’s been under me–soft doesn’t mean pain-free; it just means that I’m not caught up in a spurt of sadism at that moment. My foot pressing down on ryan will feel nothing short of assertive…


Hooking a toe or two into some face

As above, I love to really use my feet and my toes. I’m very expert at using them to grip, rip, tear, touch, torment, grind, and kick! And of course I’m a very good hiker, climber, and wrestler, but that’s getting onto a tangent… Here I’m reaching into ryan’s face with my big toe, pointing it right between his lips and opening them up. Doing so with all the assertiveness and command of a professor pointing out some detail with a ruler on a chalkboard.


Getting a tad meaner


So, with the preliminary touching over with, I start to get down to business by dropping an axe kick down hard, heel first, on ryan’s stomach. The air just blew right out of him…


Meaner still...


Amazing thing, a penis. I’d stood on his dick initially and felt it pointing into the sole of my foot like a table leg, but no sooner had I come around and kicked him in the stomach than all the blood ran out of his penis about as fast as all the air escaped his lungs… But once I set my foot onto the shaft of his shrinking dick, I felt it twitch twice and stand erect again, like wilted flow standing back up after a rainfall. You have to admire the kid… Now right about here, I’m not pressing my foot on his balls at all, just pinning his dick against his stomach with my foot.


Back to gentle...


I decided that rather than wreck his erection outright by kicking his balls, I’d let him sustain it. I decide I don’t want to look at his silly brown face any long and push it to the side against the hardwood floor.


Back up on his dick


I get back up on his chest and decide to see how his dick is doing by stepping on it again. Notice how ryan’s face automatically reverts to face-up? I decide that’s an invitation to good to pass up.




I leave one foot on his belly and put the other his collarbone, heel pressed down, foot bridging across to his chin, and toes curling over into his lips and parting them. He got the idea and began to give the tips of my toes polite little kisses as short, rapid exhalations ticked them.


That’s it for now, doormats, but I’ll be back to conclude this session very soon. It was a good one! The entire clip, including material you haven’t seen photos of, is here.

Foot in Face, Monika returns, pt 4

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I’d pulled Monika to the mat with my feet and then got on top of her and started to hand out some punishment.


Foot grinding in the side of her face.


You can see how easily I transition from a defensive move to an offensive one, and I generally manage to do so using my feet. Notice Monika again making the mistake of trying to pry my bare foot of her face rather than use her hands to get herself into a more difficult position for me to manage. She really should just accept that she’s got my foot in her face and is going to have to have a few embarrassing moments in the match until she turns things around. Her need to get my foot of her face just prolongs the torment, because my legs and feet are a lot stronger than her arms and hands!


Stepping on her chin.


I continue to mix up the torments as I move my right foot to step right under her chin and apply a bit of a wind choke as well.


Using both feet again.

I’ve gone back to side control using my foot under her chin to hold her head in place. I’m using my left foot to stabilize her head and keep her from tossing it by curling my toes around her temple. Monika actually submitted at this point out of sheer frustration at not being able to escape. Which left her with only one thing to do to formally end her match…


Monika looking surprisingly happy about her punishment...


I put my feet out for Monika to worship. She was oddly enthusiastic about doing this for me as my victory reward.




If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that Stockholm Syndrome had set in on poor Monika and she’d found herself falling in love with me. Just look at her face.


Mouthful of toes.

Here she is, finally shaking whatever spell she was under, and getting underway by putting my toes in her mouth. Monika has the warmest tongue I’ve ever felt on my feet.


My toes fanned, Monika entranced.


And last but not least…

Bit toe.

Monika has this lovely wasy of diving down onto my big toe with her mouth, wrapping her lips right around the ball of my foot and instep–that’s how far down she goes.


This was a fun match, and nobody takes pain and degradation quite like Monika. I hope you’ll all try watching one of our matches sometime. More coming from this session soon.





Foot in His Face, Rage!


 As I think I’ve said, I’m a hard case with a soft centre. I love to bully people ruthlessly for my own sadistic delight, but the more dedicated of my masochists can sometimes get a taste of my soft side. Rage hates having his face stood on and being jumped on with both feet, two activities I therefore cannot resist indulging in. But he does love to suck my toes, though he cringes that I post images and videos of him fellating my feet, even though he signs model release after model release! So maybe I’m not so nice after all. I wouldn’t put my foot in his mouth just to please him; I do it because it pleases me, and I sometimes am pleased at the byproduct of his pleasure. But I do always insist on making a spectacle of humiliation out of him, so maybe that inner side isn’t so soft. In fact, I think I’ll stand on Rage’s face until he gives me his father’s e-mail address so I can send some nice J-pegs along showing his son with a mean-looking skinhead plowing his foot down his throat! Yes, that’s exactly what I’ll do! And if I should happen to get an e-mail back, I’ll be sure to post it on this blog!

Just forget everything I said about a soft centre.

Here’s today’s foot in face.


My big toe used as pacifier on the big baby

As you can see, I’ve got Rage completely under my control in this match. I’ve got hold of both of his wrists and have his head pinned to the mat with my left foot. Rage also had worn himself out trying to escape from a long-applied arm stretcher and used all his gas then. He was mine to torture, sit on, kick, step on, anything I wanted. Instead, I chose mercy; I decided to put my big toe into his mouth. I was assuming he’d be disgusted once he realized what was happening to him. Here I’ve got my toe pressing right up into the side and roof of his mouth, and the big foot-loving freak actually suckled on my toe like it were his mother’s tit! How pathetic! But since then, I’ve been aware that this loser loves my feet, so whenever I give him a taste, I make very sure it’s on my terms, never on his.

Take care, wonderful readers! Even you loser foot worshippers!


Domestic foot abuse, pt 4: foot massage


Hello, dear Doms and doormats.

This is the final entry on my recent apartment setup and one of the last “job posting” entries designed to let you know what you’re in for if you accept my invitation to become one of my floormats.

Here is Rage down on his hands and knees and massaging my feet, dusty from walking around a newly swept apartment floor.

Getting legs up on the table


Rage is surprisingly good with his hands. This was relaxing.


I actually let Rage massage my feet for a good twenty minutes until I was ready for stage two, what I call a “wet” massage. I’m sure you can guess how that works.

Rage doesn't need to be told to start right at the heel and begin painting a thick, warm coat of saliva up my foot right to my toes. He's also licking off much of the dust that's sticking to the soles of my feet.

You can see Rage’s tongue right near my heel. He’s enthusiastic, which is why I have him by my apartment so often. He starts licking the soles of my feet no matter how dirty they are and keeps his tongue nice and wet, even if he has to go grab a glass of water. I always insist he brush his teeth and gargle mouthwash prior to touching my feet with his mouth in this way.

Smooth upward strokes with lots of pressure.


Licking my toe


After a long, technical wet massage in which a man or woman has rigorously stimulated all the muscles and tendons of my feet with their tongue, I always have them deepthroat my entire foot and give it a long suck, just to loosen all of the muscles that may have been worked especially hard by their tongues.

Rage is especially good at this and sucks really nicely and evenly.

Entire foot sunk into his big yap. What delightful suction!

Ever playful, I make a point of making the loser flick his tongue between my toes a few times before getting up.

Between my toes. I do him the courtesy of spreading them.

 So, that was one busy afternoon getting my apartment set up. Thank goodness I had help. The recreational break to wrestle Rage and stomp his face flat was also a much-needed stress-reliever. I highly recommend finding a jobber like Rage you can work your frustrations out on with your feet.   : )

Remember, I’m looking for a replacement for this adorable lunk, so contact me at footscribe2@yahoo.ca to apply.


Victor Black

My first Barefoot Bully clip…


Try on my size 10, bitch!

I’ll never forget this innocent little clip I did with the magnificent Monika Maple, illustrious Canadian indie porn star back in Oct 2008. She’d been good enough to accept a gig working with an unknown like me. She’d answered my ad requesting men and women with a submissive bent for pro-wrestling matches in which they would be dominated by a man’s bare feet and made to worship them after their defeat. She was certainly a looker at almost six feet tall, pretty face, long brown hair, wicked and intelligent eyes, beautiful bod, and some edgy tattoos on her arms and legs. She looked like the smoking hot bartender whose number you were never going to get no matter how much you tried to play her, her all the while playing you into thinking some critical mass of charm might break her resolve not to date customers.

I arrived for the shoot a half-hour early and talked with the owner of the well-equipped mixed-martial arts dojo that I’d rented for two hours. I’d been as frank with the woman as I dared and told her that I needed the boxing ring to stage pro-wrestling clips with a fetish element–wrestlers using their bare feet. That was as far as I was able to go with the woman. No mention of toe-sucking, foot-licking, jamming feet into genitals, or any of the other colourful acts that punctuate the action we film. She was very chatty, but eventually I was able to say goodbye, see her out, and start prepping for my session.

Monika showed up late and flustered–she’s not that flaky type of model, she said, apologizing. Immediately I started feeling out how comfortable I felt with this woman–was I actually going to be able to put my toe in her mouth? Stand on her face? I’d been in fights with girls in grade school, and had discovered the joys of sparring with women judokas while I was in my teens. I’d had my foot in a few women’s faces before, once or twice by accident, and several times with one or two fat, ugly women who I didn’t think would have the nerve to lose their temper with me in the dojo and call even more attention to what I’d been doing to them.

I knew this would be different. I’d swapped e-mails explaining I’d be using my feet all over her body and having her suck them after matches. She’d laconically responded with, “Yeah, that’s fine.” But now that I’d stepped into the ring with this hot woman, there was still a barrier of discomfort to break.

Surprisingly, it broke like thin ice. As I coached her and demonstrated wrestling moves and sequences of moves, I began to apply my foot gently, then firmly, to her thigh, stomach, breasts, back, and finally I put my foot on the side of her face as I demonstrated a victory pose. Her cheek was warm and my foot was cool, and I could feel her skin sticking to the sole of my foot as I lifted it away from her cheek. I began to get very comfortable very quickly. Soon I was playing with Monika, rubbing my foot all over her face while she lay on the mat, standing on her chest full weight, and even raking my toes across her lips. I’d always ask, “Okay?” as I tried new moves and applied familiar ones with more force. She would shake her head a little, as though shaking off the discomfort or slight pain, and say “fine.” She was a trooper, and I’d have to say she was almost bemused with the foot action I was throwing at her.



I had a glorious fun time applying long arm stretchers on her, my feet pressed into her ribs and the side of her face. I teased and taunted her while trying to humiliate her further by wiping my foot across her face as I maintained the hold.

arm stretcher

How to wrestle with girls!

Finally, I had to test the last boundary–toe sucking. Would she really be okay with taking my toes into her mouth? I had just made her submit to an arm stretcher and, with the same casualness that I’d stood on her, I raised my foot off the mat and put it right in front of her face.

 “Suck my toes,” I said, in the same way I might have said “pass the salt.” Monika took only a second to prepare herself for experience and then promptly took my big toe into her mouth and snapped her lips shut around it just past the knuckle, then pushed her lips all the way down to the web between my big toes and second toe. She made a couple of passes up and down my toe and then began to push her tongue between my toes, nice and firmly. She’d read my mind, and from that moment onward I’d have no compunction about telling a half-hearted foot worshipper, male or female, to floss hard between my toes with her tongue.

Open up, bitch!

It was an amazing first experience.   


Corner foot in face


Eat this!


Now the other toe... Doesn't she look happy?

For anyone who’s interested, you can buy this entire clip at my clipstore at www.clips4sale.com/studio/32889/
Thanks so much for reading!