Continuing with the session, I’d decided that I’d done as much as I could to give Monika a taste of what was to come and decided to begin the treatment in earnest.

Working the face

As you can see, she’s not exactly looking serene, but my treatments are not something a lot of people in the west, or anywhere else for that matter, are familiar with. Just as people have grown more comfortable with eastern remedies such as acupuncture and homeopathy, I think my foot fetish treatments of various sorts will catch on as more and more people try it and can pass on word of the benefits they experience shortly afterward (and for those with a foot fetish, during).

The cleats of my shoes are digging into Monika’s face and loosening up muscles and nerve clusters, and above all, the pain and humiliation she’s feeling is putting her in touch with a deeper, often hidden part of herself, and this part of the therapy is essential. She’s having time to realize that I’m she’s allowing a man she only knows as a producer of fetish vids and documentarian of foot fetish lifestyles to grind the cleats of his shoes on her face.

Harder pressure

Here I’m applying much more weight and force as I step down on her cheekbone hard. You can she that the toe ball of my foot is shoving her cheek upwards and mangling her face a little in the bargain. By the closed eyes and slightly furrowed brow, you can see she’s straining to keep her composure as I push on her face and thus push her further out of her comfort zone. One of the wonderful feelings I get when torturing a person like this is that I get to make contact with their face with my foot, but I get to interpose my shoes, my daily, sidewalk stepping, mud puddle hopping, lawn treading shoes. I get to rub a little of every piece of garbage, grit, gum, grass, dirt, cement, and linoleum tile off the soles of my shoes and smear it across the skin of her face. I love to take soles that are fresh from a walk in the rain and smear them all over a woman’s lips, dirtying them with every speck of ground my soles have touched that day. I love to do this with my bare feet as well, but it’s a different thrill.

About to stand on the gullible bitch

Here you can see the fear and trust the gullible girl has in me. I call her gullible not because my methods are ineffective or because I’m a charlatan. I can assure you, dear blog readers, that my methods do work. After paying me to lay at my feet and have your body cruelly and crudely walked on in shoes and bare feet for an hour, often with my foot crammed right into your face, you’ll feel foolish, embarrassed, stupid, and very, very humiliated. You’ll think to yourself: I’ve just paid to let myself be used as a carpet for this man’s sexual gratification. And you’ll be right to think so. You will have been had. But that’s not at all to say that I’m a fraud. In fact, the degradation is the primary factor that yields all of the benefits of deeper body relaxation and fuller integration with deeper levels of your own sexuality.

Monika trusts that I’m using her and that what I’m about to do is going to feel very abusive. But her face is fearful because she doesn’t yet know how much it’s going to hurt when I stand on her body full weight in my cleated cycling shoes.

Right on her ass, full weight

Look at the difference in Monika’s expression. She’s actually wearing a pained smile on her face as my right foot leaves her back and my left foot takes all of my weight and punches it into her buttocks, cleats leading the way. In looking at several photos of me standing on this bitch, I noticed that she always looked the most turned-on and when I was stepping on her ass. I wonder if it might have something to do with me putting my cleats into the softest, most well-protected part of her body, aside from her tits, which are bound to be much more sensitive.

Speaking of tits...

After spending a while stepping all over her ass, I thought I’d perhaps allowed Monika to become a little to comfortable. Fear is an important part of humiliation, after all. I decided to plunk my foot right between her tits, letting the outer and inner row of sharp cleats pinch the insides of her full breasts against her ribs. What would you say her closed eyes say about what she’s feeling right now? Study her body language. Reading a person’s body language is a hugely important part of running a good session with a submissive client. You have to manage their sensations, from start to finish, as well as the degrees of those sensations.

Shoe in her back

And after a little distracting fear and a tickling of her tits with the cleats of my shoes, I hopped back onto her back. Again, observe the body language. What do you see. Arms drawn in, fingers clutching shoulders–a clear sign of a person coping with pain. Forehead is creased, brow knitted, and her teeth are clenched, though not hard. She’s just inside of her comfort zone, with my left foot in her ass and my right foot sunk deep into the muscle tissue of her back.

This is the end of the first session with Monika. I’ll be documenting my second half hour session with her very soon. I hope this view into the exciting new world of pod0-chiropractice has been educational for you all. I hope very much that some of you will take me up on a session if you’re even in Toronto. Take care for now, Doms and doormats!

The video of this treatment can be found here.

Victor Black