Standing on a stranger, pt 7 (Back to boots)

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This is the one of the last posts of this series, folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. It was a memorable session. In the half hour these pictures illustrate, I’d moved my throw rug, ryan, over to the kitchen and laid him across the floor so that I could do the dishes without leaving my footprints all over the newly washed floor. I started out in my boots, because I’d been outside on my balcony having a cup of coffee and breathing in a nice cool breeze while ryan recovered some from my having walked on him for a solid ten minute stretch.

So, here he is, on the floor in front of my kitchen sink–ryan.


Stepping up onto the poor boy, one boot on his chest

I do love working with ryan. He’s so docile, uncomplaining, and resilient. These are a nice pair of ankle-high leather shoes with pointed toe, snug fit, quite elegant, and almost flats with only a half-inch heel.


Alley oop!


And with just a little play on his chest with both boots to establish my balance, I’m up.


Kis my boot, bitch.


Notice how long the toe of this boot is. I’ve got it stabbing over his lips and resting on his chin. The soles are quite thick, but I can feel his chin right under my big toe and second toe as I press down on it. Notice the double chin ryan is getting as I do it? I’m really stepping down on his chin quite hard.


Caressing his cheek

Notice ryan’s face isn’t showing a great deal of pleasure? He’s enjoying this, though, pervert that he is. And I’m using a brake pedal technique on his cheek and pumping away, hard, soft, hard, soft. Not letting him guess what’s coming next, or how long the pressure will last. I love blogging about the ways I use men and women as carpets in my apartment!


Where it counts


In the photo above I’m using more of a gas pedal technique with my boot on his balls. ryan’s a tough one, but look at the telltale body language–all his back and core muscles engage, just coping with the pain. I used a slowly building pressure on his scrotum and when I had his balls pressed almost flat, I twisted my boot back and forth, grinding down on them. ryan made some terrific rasps and hisses of pain. You should definitely download the video if you’d like to hear them.


stocking feet


I’ve had enough of the stricture of boots and doff them to let ryan deal with my moist socks.


Crushing his jaw


I asked ryan how he liked the socks pressing my sweat into his chest and he was dumb (or smart) enough to tell me he preferred the boots. I decided to see if I could make him regret that statement and slipped my boots back on and gave his head a really rough treatment. Above I’ve got almost all my weight on my left boot, which is stepping right down on poor ryan’s jaw. Do you think he was sorry for his answer then?


Kiss the heels, bitchboy!


Here I am upping the ante by standing backwards on ryan’s face, boot heels resting right on his chin and lower jaw. Believe me, the balls of my feet on ryan’s upper chest are just helping me balance–all my 195lbs is right on ryan’s kisser! He told me later that his lips were bruised purple for days afterward.


A little appreciation


A little appreciation goes a long way with me. After lifting my heels off his lips, ryan begged me to kiss my boots of his own free will rather than my crushing his lips under them. Look at how devoted he now looks holding my foot as tenderly as he would his own little baby boy as he lays a long wet one on the middle of my boot sole.


Now lick 'em.

But just because I have a soft spot for having my boots kissed doesn’t mean I’ll be content with anything less than a full spit and polish of the soles of my footwear. I’d had ryan lick my boot from heel to the toe. You see him just finishing with a last five or six laps under the point of the toe. I insist on at least five laps per square inch of my foot wear. That’s enough licking to remove even the most stubborn grit. On my bare feet, I’m content with three licks.


There’s a little more to this scene still to document, so I’ll get to that next. For those of you who would like to buy the clips from this scene, the kitchen sequence starts here and continues into the next round of barefoot dishwashing on ryan’s chest and face.




Standing on a stranger, pt 6 (bare feet)


I enjoyed unburdening my feet of my boots and runner and letting them spread out freely on ryan’s face and chest. Just as there’s no replacement for walking on a man in my shoes or boots or socks, there is no replacement for going barefoot on someone. So, without further adieu, off with the socks!


On ryan's privates


A testament to how horny and tough ryan is as a floormat–his erection stayed rock hard the entire time I walked on him and in the photo above I could feel his dick almost lifting my foot away from his crotch, he was so plank-hard.


Just getting started, carefully at first in order to keep my balance even if the little squirt writhes under me


There’s nothing like that first step onto  a willing chest. The ball of my foot eases snuggly onto his sternum and floating ribs. I like to mix hard and soft play, and though I could begin all my tramples with one big jumping stomp onto his body, I prefer to mix the approach and go soft and almost gentle much of the time as I lead up into the real deal. But ask anyone who’s been under me–soft doesn’t mean pain-free; it just means that I’m not caught up in a spurt of sadism at that moment. My foot pressing down on ryan will feel nothing short of assertive…


Hooking a toe or two into some face

As above, I love to really use my feet and my toes. I’m very expert at using them to grip, rip, tear, touch, torment, grind, and kick! And of course I’m a very good hiker, climber, and wrestler, but that’s getting onto a tangent… Here I’m reaching into ryan’s face with my big toe, pointing it right between his lips and opening them up. Doing so with all the assertiveness and command of a professor pointing out some detail with a ruler on a chalkboard.


Getting a tad meaner


So, with the preliminary touching over with, I start to get down to business by dropping an axe kick down hard, heel first, on ryan’s stomach. The air just blew right out of him…


Meaner still...


Amazing thing, a penis. I’d stood on his dick initially and felt it pointing into the sole of my foot like a table leg, but no sooner had I come around and kicked him in the stomach than all the blood ran out of his penis about as fast as all the air escaped his lungs… But once I set my foot onto the shaft of his shrinking dick, I felt it twitch twice and stand erect again, like wilted flow standing back up after a rainfall. You have to admire the kid… Now right about here, I’m not pressing my foot on his balls at all, just pinning his dick against his stomach with my foot.


Back to gentle...


I decided that rather than wreck his erection outright by kicking his balls, I’d let him sustain it. I decide I don’t want to look at his silly brown face any long and push it to the side against the hardwood floor.


Back up on his dick


I get back up on his chest and decide to see how his dick is doing by stepping on it again. Notice how ryan’s face automatically reverts to face-up? I decide that’s an invitation to good to pass up.




I leave one foot on his belly and put the other his collarbone, heel pressed down, foot bridging across to his chin, and toes curling over into his lips and parting them. He got the idea and began to give the tips of my toes polite little kisses as short, rapid exhalations ticked them.


That’s it for now, doormats, but I’ll be back to conclude this session very soon. It was a good one! The entire clip, including material you haven’t seen photos of, is here.

Standing on a stranger, pt 5 (socks)


Well, sometimes you have to be content with a draw. No matter how often or how hard I set my shoes into ryan’s back, face, chest, or crotch, I couldn’t get him to beg for mercy or howl in pain. He’s simply an abuse sponge. So I changed tactics yet again. If you can’t beat them, degrade the living shit out of them!

Here I am starting to open up on ryan with my shoes off.

on ryan in socks

After spending over a half hour walking all over ryan, my socks had picked up the leathery smell from my Blundstones and because of the temperature that day, my feet were sweating quite a bit.  I love the pose above: I’m standing on ryan with all my weight sinking into him on the one foot and I’m draping my other foot over his lips. If you look carefully you can see that ryan is puckering his lips and kissing my stocking foot.

enjoying myself on my floor mat

Above, you can see what my weight is doing to ryan’s ribs. I’m just enjoying myself and maintaining my balance on the poor man’s body.

mixing up my stance

This was as close as I came to making ryan cry and go home. I put my foot on his crotch and stepped down on his balls. Needless to say, it hurt him a lot, but he still didn’t beg me to get off him. After some hisses of pain and full body jerks, I took my foot of his balls.

A softer approach

Here I’m just putting my foot on the side of his face and giving him a break from the intense, full-weight body walking. I find it really pays to go softly on a sub from time to time to keep them from becoming desensitized to the pain.

Softer approach, but with an edge of objectification and degradation. This could be an odd-shaped rock I'm pushing over in the sand to see what crawls out from under it.

I love just putting my foot on someone’s face when they’re lying on the ground helplessly. There’s nothing like the feeling of a limp head rolling back and forth as you rock it back and forth with your foot. I’ve often fantasized about doing this with a dead person, degrading their body and their memory. And how hot would it be to do this in front of the dead person’s loved ones–his wife! Part of this fantasy scenario has always been present for me in the thrill I always get in walking through a graveyard and treading on the bodies only separated from my feet by six feet of earth. I think of the corpse having some vestige of life in it, and resent the feeling of man standing on his chest, the added pressure palpable through all that dirt. Of course, the fantasy disintegrates when you realize the bodies are buried in caskets, but still, these days there are natural burials in which the body is buried just as it is as an environmentalist gesture. I think it would be a turn on to visit such a cemetery and go for a nice walk on the chests and faces of all the recently buried!  : )


PS. Oh, and for those of you who would like to download this video clip starting from me going down to my socks and then to my bare feet, the video is here.

Foot in Face: Monika returns! Pt 1

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The sexy but loserly Monika Maple agreed to return for a few matches against me. Wonderful news, because Monika is a very tough punching bag and can soak up so much of my abuse. It was wonderful just to see Monika again and we spent some time catching up on work in the fetish industry, her current other adult projects and other modelling, and just what the pace of life was like since we last spoke.

It had been so long since we had wrestled we agreed to just spar more or less and not go at it at one hundred percent. Just feel each other out and loosen up.

Staying light on me feet

Here are some captures from the sparring session. We almost immediately went all out, despite what we’d said about taking it easy. I pulled Monika down almost as soon as we’d finished chatting and put my foot into her crotch for a long, slow grind on it. I haven’t often used this move on Monika, and she’s usually savvy and quick enough to close her thighs, but this time I got my whole foot right between her thighs and planted it right on her box.

Right between her legs

It’s really satisfying to use my foot on a man’s balls or a woman’s labia. It’s a very uncomfortable technique for your opponent, male or female, and immediately puts their mind on keeping from getting pinched or stomped in a really delicate spot. Their hands reach for your foot instinctively, which is the worst use of their energy because their focus is entirely defensive and they’re responding to me, not playing their own game. While I had Monika down, I could have pointed my big toe and stabbed it into her lips through her denim shorts, but I almost never have to do something that vicious. It was enough with Monika here to keep the ball of my foot or my heel pressing hard on her box and keeping her worried about when I’d actually kick or stomp her right where it hurts.

Toes nice and comfortable, snug between thighs

It’s a great move to use on people because they spend a ton of energy trying to get out of a really vulnerable position, but you can recharge your batteries by keeping hold of their ankles and just laying back and letting your weight secure their legs so you can simply let your foot sink into their groin.  It’s also a really effective distraction because you’re touching them in a private spot, which many people are going to find arousing, if the opponent already finds you attractive, which almost all my opponents find me. There’s also something really satisfying about taunting an opponent by abusing their private parts at the same time that you can tease them with suggestions of what it would be like if you were to fuck them–how playful you’d be, how mean, how physical, stern, and abusive…

More from this match coming soon…