Victor vs Todd, pt 1

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Hello, Doms and doormats. Here follows more coverage of my match with Todd that took place at my apartment studio Feb 20, 2012. This is the first half hour of our session.

Keeping Todd at a distance.

I love playing possum. And Todd is dumb enough to fall for it every time. He darts into what seems like my open guard, then I move my feet between us and catch him like a fish in a net. Here, I’ve got my right foot moving to snag him right under his chain, with my left on his left pectoral.

Advanced footwork!

It’s always challenging work getting your feet into an opponent’s face, never mind his mouth. Here I am working my right foot into Todd’s mouth a little at a time. By stabbing into his lips, I’ve got my “foot in the door” and can start driving it past his lips.

Managing my opponent carefully.

I have to permit Todd some hope of getting on top of me, so I can’t just keep him at kicking distance the whole time. I need to let him drive in between my legs and let him imagine he could actually put me in a headlock. Here, he’s getting too close for comfort, so I carefully back him off by pushing his face away–firmly, but not violently.


Here, I’m abandoning sophistication and technique for a simple stomp on the side of his head. I find by giving my opponent just one solid, meaty, pounding stomp on his face or head will stun and shock him so much that he’s always worried about receiving a similar blow, and he’ll stop playing his own offensive game with as much will and deliberateness. A good hard foot in the face is a requisite for all my matches against all type of opponents, male or female, large or small.

Classic VB!

Standing on people is and will remain my favourite technique. My entire martial art is based on it. Here, I’ve casually stood astride Todd’s back and I’m pinning him down with all my 200lbs and making him crawl like a cripple with me on his back! Delicious!

Will write more later! Take care, losers!

The Joy of Using My Feet … End of Clip 1


Hi, doormats and Doms.


The past photos I’ve shared have all come from the first clip in the latest AJ series called Victor vs Sparring Partner. I’m spending a little more time breaking down my writing and photo blogging by clips and series of clips until I manage to find a way to create slideshows to upload to the clips4sale site and give people a better idea of the material they are getting. Once I do, I’ll probably go back to a more freeform style of writing and topic-finding.

Here are some photos from the later moments of the first clip:

Mixing it up...


I love to use more subtle approaches on my opponents and keep them guessing. It’s great fun to pin an arm down by stepping on a man’s hand and then crushing his arm under my other foot with most of my weight. The opponent really can’t do much except roll over to his side to try to push you off, but he can’t manage it from his position on the floor. I love letting the man feel my relaxation right through my feet and allowing him to wonder when I’ll be stepping off his arm.


heel stomping his gut


Another way I enjoy mixing it up is by stepping away from the pro-wrestling style footwork and going for some traditional street-fighting beatdown moves. Here, you can imagine me having beaten down AJ on a sidewalk somewhere downtown and then walking up between his legs and just putting my heel down hard into his soft belly and every bit of air being driven out of him. That’s nearly what happened here, where I didn’t use my full strength because I wanted him to be fully responsive to the next tortures I was going to inflict on him.


crotch smother

So, here’s a new trick. I get my legs around my opponent’s head, pull it right between them until their nose is crushed up against my package, and clamp their head in place with my thights. I’m just surprising the shit out of AJ at the moment the photo above was taken. His face is just getting its first up-close-and-personal with my junk. I thought you all might like the bare sole shot as well! And yes, by the way, it’s a pretty big turn on just forcing someone’s face into your groin!

Felating big toe


All good things must come to an end. I like to leave my opponents some steam in order for them to worship me after I’ve defeated them. If I outright incapacitate them, they only thing they are good for is standing on and victory poses, which are great fun in their own right, but today I specifically wanted my big toes sucked! AJ is more than willing to do this once I tell him it’s the last thing he’ll have to do that session, that day.




The Joy of Using My Feet on Losers, pt 3


Staying on him…


After giving AJ a taste of my foot, I continue the business of softening up his ribs and keeping him winded from having to inhale with 190lbs of Yours Truly on his chest.


Savouring it...


I have AJ at my mercy. He’s not even fighting back–he’s got nothing left to fight me with. So I casually but firmly push his face down with my foot and step on one side of his face in a classic hunter’s victory pose. I’ve even gone a little further and curled my toe into the corner of his mouth and pulled it back a little. There’s nothing like probing an opponent rudely with your foot to demonstrate a complete crushing of him or her.


Jumping for joy!


My abuse of a downed opponent can last several minutes. Here, I’m using AJ’s chest for springboard and bounding barefoot off off of his ribcage. I did this a number of times, often jumping back onto his ribs as well.


Forcing him to lick my toes


After leaving the poor boy to recover a little from the trampling, I made him lick between all of my toes, just to show him how utterly his fighting spirit had left him. AJ is straight, proud, and not at all turned on by my feet; this is a horrible shame he’ll have to live with quietly, but which all of you are free to enjoy!

Clips from this video are available at my clipstore:



Standing on a stranger, pt 10 (bare feet)

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Here are the last moments of this great session with ryan, my floormat. I was doing dishes and getting dinner ready while using ryan as a floormat to keep from getting footprints all over a newly washed floor.

Standing on ryan

Look at him. You’d think I killed him, wouldn’t you. No, he’s just saving his strength and closing his eyes to cope with the sustained pressure on his chest from fifteen minutes of straight chest and face standing.

Clenching his face with my toes

Now this might look cruel, what I’m doing here, grabbing his face with my toes and digging my big toe into the corner of his mouth. But I’m really just asking him, “Hey, are you alive down there, doormat? Give me a sign. Just moan a little so I know you’re still conscious.”

Yep, stil conscious down there.

Again, folks, I’m not being excessively cruel in the act the above photo depicts. I hadn’t gotten a peep out of him by giving his face a grab with my foot, so I transferred most of my weight to my right foot, on his face, and dug my toes into his cheek hard to put him in a sharp enough pain to give me a sign if he really was conscious. Remember, I can see how he’s doing when I’m standing on the side of his face like this! I have to be able to determine whether I’m killing him or not!

Going for a dip.

Okay, so doormat here had given me a little yell of pain, so I knew he was still with me. You’ll notice I didn’t continue to crush his face under my foot, I hope? The purpose had been served, so I lifted my right foot off his face and let him have some more tender treatment by putting my toes in his mouth for him to suck.

Giving him both heels to kiss

So this is painful variant on the nearly full-weight facestand I did on ryan with my boot heels, just with bare heels. I must say, it felt great to feel his lips being crushed under my heels against his teeth. Quite a lot of saliva was squeezed out between his lips in little jets of warm spit caused by the sheer pressure on his lips. It also felt like a long, drawn out kiss on the bottom of my heels. Very, very pleasant. I’d love to do this to a full-lipped woman with her lips done in a blood-red lipstick.

Just playing with his face

Here I’m just using my big toe to force his mouth open, giving him the classic doctor’s “Open your mouth and say ‘ah'”.

That's a good patient. Now let's get a good look inside there...

I’m just continuing my barefoot examination of my patient’s mouth and throat. I’m about to test his gag reflex and make sure he has one. Consider me and ear, nose, and throat specialist!

Testing his tongue strength.

Now this may look cruel and humiliating, but really it’s not. Part of any good medical exam is thoroughness, and it was important–and a standard part of any ear, nose, and throat exam, I might add–to use a tongue depressor of some kind to test a patient’s tongue strength, a  lack of which can be an indicator of any number of oral/maxillary diseases. I was short of tongue depressors, so instead I invented a new technique that works even better to determine both tongue strength as well as dexterity. I hold my foot over a patient’s mouth and close my toes together hard, and then I ask a patient to try to force his tongue between my closed toes. If he can get through all four insertions on my one foot, I can give that patient a pass if he’s between ages 18 and 35 and male. I’m satisfied with three insertions between my toes for men between 35 and 55.

So now I must admit my shameless and for the most part transparent plug of my alternative medicine techniques. As well as being a dominant male with a love of using my feet, I also do a range of foot fetish-oriented health care treatments. And this has been the first time I’ve promoted them on this site. I’m sure that if anyone objects to this use of my lovely blog to promote my foot fetish medical treatments, they’ll let me know by posting a comment.

You are all very communicative from what I’ve seen and I love to read each and every blog post you all send me.

Lots of love,

Dr Black

PS. I’m currently accepting new patients and am not charging for treatments during trials of these new techniques. You need only email me at to arrange an appointment for a either a medical or participation in an experiment.

Standing on a stranger, pt 8 (back to bare feet)


Well, we’re winding up this particular continuing series from this session with ryan, dear friends.

When we last left our hero, he was under the boots of Victor Black (Yes, I’m more than vain enough to use the 3rd person in reference to myself). He’d had his chest, nuts, and even his lips ground hard under the his boot heels. What further humiliation could lay in store? Let’s find out!


My boots are off--back the moist socks on the face


Depending on the boots I’m wearing, my feet will sweat a little or not at all. In my leather, snug-fitting, pointy-toed boots, my feet do perspire a little after walking in them for a few minutes. ryan would be feeling a muscular sole on the side of his face, very solid feeling, and warm and a little moist. As I lean more weight onto the front of my left foot, you can see ryan is getting very uncomfortable with the pressure. Most of you at home would probably be wearing an even more pained expression; ryan is a tough little guy, as I’ve mentioned.


Socks off, lovely feeling as they begin to dry


So, having removed my socks (while standing on ryan) I put both of my feet on ryan in one of my favourite standing poses.  Call it a half-face stand. Here, I’ve got a lot of my weight starting on my heels, putting that weight solidly on ryan’s sternum and upper ribs, but I can gas pedal steadily onto ryan’s face with the front of my feet, which I’m doing here, clear enough from ryan’s contorted, smushed face. From this classic and very versatile position, I can dominate a slave by letting all my weight sink into their ribs under my bare heels, or I can shift as much weight as I want, right up to all of it, onto the balls of my feet and dig my toes into the slaves face for balance and purchase. Here I’d say I have about half my weight on the ribs and half on ryan’s upper and lower jaw. I love this position, and love to play with my slave by applying more and more pressure to the face using a gas pedal technique with one or both feet.


Ouch--everything on one foot!


ryan is actually beyond pain at this moment. His face is in almost a rictus of pain, looking much less expressive than when he’s been put in a lot of pain but the pain is still manageable. Here is ryan at his closest to breaking, ladies and gentleman. That’s all my weight on the small area of the ball of my right foot as it steps hard and slow onto the side of ryan’s face. I have to limit trampling like this to once or twice a session or risk losing the morale in my carpets.


Back to comfort and control


After pushing ryan as close to quitting on me as ever, I decided to spoil him with some lighter trampling, using the half-facestanding, this time using even more precision with a nice fanned gripping of his face with my toes. Notice that most of the pressure is on his lips, transmitted by my big toes, and the smaller toes fan out across his cheek more or less to help me balance and take a little weight from off his lips.


I’ll finish the kitchen trampling sequence next post!

Take care, friends!


Standing on a stranger, pt 7 (Back to boots)

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This is the one of the last posts of this series, folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. It was a memorable session. In the half hour these pictures illustrate, I’d moved my throw rug, ryan, over to the kitchen and laid him across the floor so that I could do the dishes without leaving my footprints all over the newly washed floor. I started out in my boots, because I’d been outside on my balcony having a cup of coffee and breathing in a nice cool breeze while ryan recovered some from my having walked on him for a solid ten minute stretch.

So, here he is, on the floor in front of my kitchen sink–ryan.


Stepping up onto the poor boy, one boot on his chest

I do love working with ryan. He’s so docile, uncomplaining, and resilient. These are a nice pair of ankle-high leather shoes with pointed toe, snug fit, quite elegant, and almost flats with only a half-inch heel.


Alley oop!


And with just a little play on his chest with both boots to establish my balance, I’m up.


Kis my boot, bitch.


Notice how long the toe of this boot is. I’ve got it stabbing over his lips and resting on his chin. The soles are quite thick, but I can feel his chin right under my big toe and second toe as I press down on it. Notice the double chin ryan is getting as I do it? I’m really stepping down on his chin quite hard.


Caressing his cheek

Notice ryan’s face isn’t showing a great deal of pleasure? He’s enjoying this, though, pervert that he is. And I’m using a brake pedal technique on his cheek and pumping away, hard, soft, hard, soft. Not letting him guess what’s coming next, or how long the pressure will last. I love blogging about the ways I use men and women as carpets in my apartment!


Where it counts


In the photo above I’m using more of a gas pedal technique with my boot on his balls. ryan’s a tough one, but look at the telltale body language–all his back and core muscles engage, just coping with the pain. I used a slowly building pressure on his scrotum and when I had his balls pressed almost flat, I twisted my boot back and forth, grinding down on them. ryan made some terrific rasps and hisses of pain. You should definitely download the video if you’d like to hear them.


stocking feet


I’ve had enough of the stricture of boots and doff them to let ryan deal with my moist socks.


Crushing his jaw


I asked ryan how he liked the socks pressing my sweat into his chest and he was dumb (or smart) enough to tell me he preferred the boots. I decided to see if I could make him regret that statement and slipped my boots back on and gave his head a really rough treatment. Above I’ve got almost all my weight on my left boot, which is stepping right down on poor ryan’s jaw. Do you think he was sorry for his answer then?


Kiss the heels, bitchboy!


Here I am upping the ante by standing backwards on ryan’s face, boot heels resting right on his chin and lower jaw. Believe me, the balls of my feet on ryan’s upper chest are just helping me balance–all my 195lbs is right on ryan’s kisser! He told me later that his lips were bruised purple for days afterward.


A little appreciation


A little appreciation goes a long way with me. After lifting my heels off his lips, ryan begged me to kiss my boots of his own free will rather than my crushing his lips under them. Look at how devoted he now looks holding my foot as tenderly as he would his own little baby boy as he lays a long wet one on the middle of my boot sole.


Now lick 'em.

But just because I have a soft spot for having my boots kissed doesn’t mean I’ll be content with anything less than a full spit and polish of the soles of my footwear. I’d had ryan lick my boot from heel to the toe. You see him just finishing with a last five or six laps under the point of the toe. I insist on at least five laps per square inch of my foot wear. That’s enough licking to remove even the most stubborn grit. On my bare feet, I’m content with three licks.


There’s a little more to this scene still to document, so I’ll get to that next. For those of you who would like to buy the clips from this scene, the kitchen sequence starts here and continues into the next round of barefoot dishwashing on ryan’s chest and face.



Standing on a stranger, pt 5 (socks)


Well, sometimes you have to be content with a draw. No matter how often or how hard I set my shoes into ryan’s back, face, chest, or crotch, I couldn’t get him to beg for mercy or howl in pain. He’s simply an abuse sponge. So I changed tactics yet again. If you can’t beat them, degrade the living shit out of them!

Here I am starting to open up on ryan with my shoes off.

on ryan in socks

After spending over a half hour walking all over ryan, my socks had picked up the leathery smell from my Blundstones and because of the temperature that day, my feet were sweating quite a bit.  I love the pose above: I’m standing on ryan with all my weight sinking into him on the one foot and I’m draping my other foot over his lips. If you look carefully you can see that ryan is puckering his lips and kissing my stocking foot.

enjoying myself on my floor mat

Above, you can see what my weight is doing to ryan’s ribs. I’m just enjoying myself and maintaining my balance on the poor man’s body.

mixing up my stance

This was as close as I came to making ryan cry and go home. I put my foot on his crotch and stepped down on his balls. Needless to say, it hurt him a lot, but he still didn’t beg me to get off him. After some hisses of pain and full body jerks, I took my foot of his balls.

A softer approach

Here I’m just putting my foot on the side of his face and giving him a break from the intense, full-weight body walking. I find it really pays to go softly on a sub from time to time to keep them from becoming desensitized to the pain.

Softer approach, but with an edge of objectification and degradation. This could be an odd-shaped rock I'm pushing over in the sand to see what crawls out from under it.

I love just putting my foot on someone’s face when they’re lying on the ground helplessly. There’s nothing like the feeling of a limp head rolling back and forth as you rock it back and forth with your foot. I’ve often fantasized about doing this with a dead person, degrading their body and their memory. And how hot would it be to do this in front of the dead person’s loved ones–his wife! Part of this fantasy scenario has always been present for me in the thrill I always get in walking through a graveyard and treading on the bodies only separated from my feet by six feet of earth. I think of the corpse having some vestige of life in it, and resent the feeling of man standing on his chest, the added pressure palpable through all that dirt. Of course, the fantasy disintegrates when you realize the bodies are buried in caskets, but still, these days there are natural burials in which the body is buried just as it is as an environmentalist gesture. I think it would be a turn on to visit such a cemetery and go for a nice walk on the chests and faces of all the recently buried!  : )


PS. Oh, and for those of you who would like to download this video clip starting from me going down to my socks and then to my bare feet, the video is here.

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