Foot in Face, Vic vs Dara 2, cont’d pt 3

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Our heroine not faring terribly well…

Well, as you can see, Dara hasn’t been making any better of a showing of herself in the later stages of the match. I thought I’d give her chest a break from trampling and sit on her gut with all my weight and just suffocate her, constrictor style. I sat on her like this for a good five minutes, sapping her strength, interrupting her breathing by crushing her stomach, and blocking her lips and nostrils with my feet to frustrate whatever attempts to take in oxygen she could work in. Just look at the charming expression. Doesn’t she look like she’s having a wonderful workout with me?

Blocking her mouth to interrupt her breathing.

Here’s another shot of my casually sapping Dara’s strength by putting my foot in her mouth.

I held my balance on her stomach for a three-steamboat before stepping off her guts.

How I love stepping full weight on a person’s guts with just one foot and balancing on them, all my weight pressing down on their intestines on an area of the body no bigger than my footprint. She screamed a very nice scream when my other foot left the mat and swayed in mid-air.

The price of defeat, the spoils of victory!

As you see, the outcome of this match was no different from the first between Dara and I. She was forced to lick my toes clean of all the sweat and grit they’d picked up from the wrestling mats. I must say, she was much more enthusiastic about it this time, though. I wonder if she has a minor submissive side to her? The clip can be found on my webstore here.

Be well, Doms and doormats.



My first Barefoot Bully clip…


Try on my size 10, bitch!

I’ll never forget this innocent little clip I did with the magnificent Monika Maple, illustrious Canadian indie porn star back in Oct 2008. She’d been good enough to accept a gig working with an unknown like me. She’d answered my ad requesting men and women with a submissive bent for pro-wrestling matches in which they would be dominated by a man’s bare feet and made to worship them after their defeat. She was certainly a looker at almost six feet tall, pretty face, long brown hair, wicked and intelligent eyes, beautiful bod, and some edgy tattoos on her arms and legs. She looked like the smoking hot bartender whose number you were never going to get no matter how much you tried to play her, her all the while playing you into thinking some critical mass of charm might break her resolve not to date customers.

I arrived for the shoot a half-hour early and talked with the owner of the well-equipped mixed-martial arts dojo that I’d rented for two hours. I’d been as frank with the woman as I dared and told her that I needed the boxing ring to stage pro-wrestling clips with a fetish element–wrestlers using their bare feet. That was as far as I was able to go with the woman. No mention of toe-sucking, foot-licking, jamming feet into genitals, or any of the other colourful acts that punctuate the action we film. She was very chatty, but eventually I was able to say goodbye, see her out, and start prepping for my session.

Monika showed up late and flustered–she’s not that flaky type of model, she said, apologizing. Immediately I started feeling out how comfortable I felt with this woman–was I actually going to be able to put my toe in her mouth? Stand on her face? I’d been in fights with girls in grade school, and had discovered the joys of sparring with women judokas while I was in my teens. I’d had my foot in a few women’s faces before, once or twice by accident, and several times with one or two fat, ugly women who I didn’t think would have the nerve to lose their temper with me in the dojo and call even more attention to what I’d been doing to them.

I knew this would be different. I’d swapped e-mails explaining I’d be using my feet all over her body and having her suck them after matches. She’d laconically responded with, “Yeah, that’s fine.” But now that I’d stepped into the ring with this hot woman, there was still a barrier of discomfort to break.

Surprisingly, it broke like thin ice. As I coached her and demonstrated wrestling moves and sequences of moves, I began to apply my foot gently, then firmly, to her thigh, stomach, breasts, back, and finally I put my foot on the side of her face as I demonstrated a victory pose. Her cheek was warm and my foot was cool, and I could feel her skin sticking to the sole of my foot as I lifted it away from her cheek. I began to get very comfortable very quickly. Soon I was playing with Monika, rubbing my foot all over her face while she lay on the mat, standing on her chest full weight, and even raking my toes across her lips. I’d always ask, “Okay?” as I tried new moves and applied familiar ones with more force. She would shake her head a little, as though shaking off the discomfort or slight pain, and say “fine.” She was a trooper, and I’d have to say she was almost bemused with the foot action I was throwing at her.



I had a glorious fun time applying long arm stretchers on her, my feet pressed into her ribs and the side of her face. I teased and taunted her while trying to humiliate her further by wiping my foot across her face as I maintained the hold.

arm stretcher

How to wrestle with girls!

Finally, I had to test the last boundary–toe sucking. Would she really be okay with taking my toes into her mouth? I had just made her submit to an arm stretcher and, with the same casualness that I’d stood on her, I raised my foot off the mat and put it right in front of her face.

 “Suck my toes,” I said, in the same way I might have said “pass the salt.” Monika took only a second to prepare herself for experience and then promptly took my big toe into her mouth and snapped her lips shut around it just past the knuckle, then pushed her lips all the way down to the web between my big toes and second toe. She made a couple of passes up and down my toe and then began to push her tongue between my toes, nice and firmly. She’d read my mind, and from that moment onward I’d have no compunction about telling a half-hearted foot worshipper, male or female, to floss hard between my toes with her tongue.

Open up, bitch!

It was an amazing first experience.   


Corner foot in face


Eat this!


Now the other toe... Doesn't she look happy?

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