Standing on a stranger, pt 8 (back to bare feet)


Well, we’re winding up this particular continuing series from this session with ryan, dear friends.

When we last left our hero, he was under the boots of Victor Black (Yes, I’m more than vain enough to use the 3rd person in reference to myself). He’d had his chest, nuts, and even his lips ground hard under the his boot heels. What further humiliation could lay in store? Let’s find out!


My boots are off--back the moist socks on the face


Depending on the boots I’m wearing, my feet will sweat a little or not at all. In my leather, snug-fitting, pointy-toed boots, my feet do perspire a little after walking in them for a few minutes. ryan would be feeling a muscular sole on the side of his face, very solid feeling, and warm and a little moist. As I lean more weight onto the front of my left foot, you can see ryan is getting very uncomfortable with the pressure. Most of you at home would probably be wearing an even more pained expression; ryan is a tough little guy, as I’ve mentioned.


Socks off, lovely feeling as they begin to dry


So, having removed my socks (while standing on ryan) I put both of my feet on ryan in one of my favourite standing poses.  Call it a half-face stand. Here, I’ve got a lot of my weight starting on my heels, putting that weight solidly on ryan’s sternum and upper ribs, but I can gas pedal steadily onto ryan’s face with the front of my feet, which I’m doing here, clear enough from ryan’s contorted, smushed face. From this classic and very versatile position, I can dominate a slave by letting all my weight sink into their ribs under my bare heels, or I can shift as much weight as I want, right up to all of it, onto the balls of my feet and dig my toes into the slaves face for balance and purchase. Here I’d say I have about half my weight on the ribs and half on ryan’s upper and lower jaw. I love this position, and love to play with my slave by applying more and more pressure to the face using a gas pedal technique with one or both feet.


Ouch--everything on one foot!


ryan is actually beyond pain at this moment. His face is in almost a rictus of pain, looking much less expressive than when he’s been put in a lot of pain but the pain is still manageable. Here is ryan at his closest to breaking, ladies and gentleman. That’s all my weight on the small area of the ball of my right foot as it steps hard and slow onto the side of ryan’s face. I have to limit trampling like this to once or twice a session or risk losing the morale in my carpets.


Back to comfort and control


After pushing ryan as close to quitting on me as ever, I decided to spoil him with some lighter trampling, using the half-facestanding, this time using even more precision with a nice fanned gripping of his face with my toes. Notice that most of the pressure is on his lips, transmitted by my big toes, and the smaller toes fan out across his cheek more or less to help me balance and take a little weight from off his lips.


I’ll finish the kitchen trampling sequence next post!

Take care, friends!



Foot in His Face, Rage!


 As I think I’ve said, I’m a hard case with a soft centre. I love to bully people ruthlessly for my own sadistic delight, but the more dedicated of my masochists can sometimes get a taste of my soft side. Rage hates having his face stood on and being jumped on with both feet, two activities I therefore cannot resist indulging in. But he does love to suck my toes, though he cringes that I post images and videos of him fellating my feet, even though he signs model release after model release! So maybe I’m not so nice after all. I wouldn’t put my foot in his mouth just to please him; I do it because it pleases me, and I sometimes am pleased at the byproduct of his pleasure. But I do always insist on making a spectacle of humiliation out of him, so maybe that inner side isn’t so soft. In fact, I think I’ll stand on Rage’s face until he gives me his father’s e-mail address so I can send some nice J-pegs along showing his son with a mean-looking skinhead plowing his foot down his throat! Yes, that’s exactly what I’ll do! And if I should happen to get an e-mail back, I’ll be sure to post it on this blog!

Just forget everything I said about a soft centre.

Here’s today’s foot in face.


My big toe used as pacifier on the big baby

As you can see, I’ve got Rage completely under my control in this match. I’ve got hold of both of his wrists and have his head pinned to the mat with my left foot. Rage also had worn himself out trying to escape from a long-applied arm stretcher and used all his gas then. He was mine to torture, sit on, kick, step on, anything I wanted. Instead, I chose mercy; I decided to put my big toe into his mouth. I was assuming he’d be disgusted once he realized what was happening to him. Here I’ve got my toe pressing right up into the side and roof of his mouth, and the big foot-loving freak actually suckled on my toe like it were his mother’s tit! How pathetic! But since then, I’ve been aware that this loser loves my feet, so whenever I give him a taste, I make very sure it’s on my terms, never on his.

Take care, wonderful readers! Even you loser foot worshippers!


Trampling a male wrestler, pt 2


moving from a victory pose to a full facestand.  Tom was downright shocked I was going to go through with it.

When we left our struggling hero Tom, he’d turned an important psychological corner in his match with me. He been put on the mat, his back stood on in a humiliating fashion, and finally, pinned to the ground and held by a hammerlock, he’d had his face repeatedly mockingly pressed on the whole time by my foot. He’d smouldered and could do nothing about my mocking of him. During that time, he’d gotten as mad as he could get without the submissive, wimpy side of him taking over and beginning to find something perversely appealing about being manhandled so completely.

In the photo above, I’d been standing on his chest and stomach, arms crossed in a victorious pose on an all but beaten man. I could feel all his muscles working simply to support my weight, but no effort to jostle me off his chest. His will to resist me had been broken–broken quickly and thoroughly. This is the part of the match I truly relish, when a living opponent becomes a plaything to use to demonstrate my dominance and the extent of my will to humiliate another person. I decide to stand on this man’s face, and begin feeling out the side of his face and head for bone structure and the best foothold. His cheekbones are quite sunken, offering no solid spot for the ball of my foot. With low cheekbones, I find the ball of my foot tends to lay over the orbital bone, a sensation that isn’t my favourite. So I look for something else. Tom is groaning in surprise at what I’m doing, and just starting to realize I’m not just playing with his face, I’m preparing to stand on it!


Another try from the side.

It can be awkward moving from a man’s chest to his face if he has as much of a barrel chest as Tom. I dismounted, and tried a first step onto the side of his face, toes just under the temple. I could feel him surrendering to my intention to damn well get up on his ugly, unshaven mug, and the only resistance this very strong young man is putting up isn’t really resistance at all–it’s his left hand, fingers digging into the mat to cope with the pain of half my weight crushing the skin of his cheek against his cheekbone. Delightful! The higher the cheekbones, the more pain this causes.

Right on there, one-footed

Although you can’t see my other foot, I’m actually standing on this lad full weight, with just the one foot. My big toe is curling just under his nose to keep me from sliding any further forward, and in a second or two, my foot is going to slide painfully further down his cheek. I’m having a really good time of it now, as you can see by the smirk on my face. I love to have a big, meaty guy like this to sink my bare feet into!

If you’re enjoying this photo entry, you might want to download the video as well. It’s here.

End of part two.

Office chores

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On my last shoot, my cameraperson was quite late, so I decided to do some paperwork while I waited with wrestler and jobber Rage. I’d barely gotten settled before I realized that Rage would probably get into trouble if left to get bored, so I gave him a job to do.

I had him lay down at my feet partially under the table I was working at, and rested my feet on him while I worked. That seemed to keep him occupied and, before long, I forgot all about him and began digging my toes into his face and chest just as I would a soft carpet at a library or a shag rug. Sometimes, I just let my socks stick to his stubble and hold my feet securely in place; other times I mad a point of pushing one foot forward and pulling the other back, twisting his face one way, then the other. He was very well behaved and never made a sound.

I filmed this experience and you can buy the clip at