The Joy of Using My Feet … End of Clip 1


Hi, doormats and Doms.


The past photos I’ve shared have all come from the first clip in the latest AJ series called Victor vs Sparring Partner. I’m spending a little more time breaking down my writing and photo blogging by clips and series of clips until I manage to find a way to create slideshows to upload to the clips4sale site and give people a better idea of the material they are getting. Once I do, I’ll probably go back to a more freeform style of writing and topic-finding.

Here are some photos from the later moments of the first clip:

Mixing it up...


I love to use more subtle approaches on my opponents and keep them guessing. It’s great fun to pin an arm down by stepping on a man’s hand and then crushing his arm under my other foot with most of my weight. The opponent really can’t do much except roll over to his side to try to push you off, but he can’t manage it from his position on the floor. I love letting the man feel my relaxation right through my feet and allowing him to wonder when I’ll be stepping off his arm.


heel stomping his gut


Another way I enjoy mixing it up is by stepping away from the pro-wrestling style footwork and going for some traditional street-fighting beatdown moves. Here, you can imagine me having beaten down AJ on a sidewalk somewhere downtown and then walking up between his legs and just putting my heel down hard into his soft belly and every bit of air being driven out of him. That’s nearly what happened here, where I didn’t use my full strength because I wanted him to be fully responsive to the next tortures I was going to inflict on him.


crotch smother

So, here’s a new trick. I get my legs around my opponent’s head, pull it right between them until their nose is crushed up against my package, and clamp their head in place with my thights. I’m just surprising the shit out of AJ at the moment the photo above was taken. His face is just getting its first up-close-and-personal with my junk. I thought you all might like the bare sole shot as well! And yes, by the way, it’s a pretty big turn on just forcing someone’s face into your groin!

Felating big toe


All good things must come to an end. I like to leave my opponents some steam in order for them to worship me after I’ve defeated them. If I outright incapacitate them, they only thing they are good for is standing on and victory poses, which are great fun in their own right, but today I specifically wanted my big toes sucked! AJ is more than willing to do this once I tell him it’s the last thing he’ll have to do that session, that day.





Monika: Podo-Chiropractice pt 4


During my next ten minutes with monika, I decided to use some advanced techniques on her body and face, so I decided bare feet would be best.

relaxing my client

As you can see, monika is becoming more relaxed but is still resistant. Her face is twisting into a grimace as I step down on it. But the sole of my foot is cool from walking on the hardwood floor and the soothing skin-on-skin contact will soon cause a market change in her body language. She’s coming to realize that the cruel cleats are done with, at least for now, and she can look forward to soft bare feet on her body and face.



Deeper relaxation, subconscious toe licking


Here, monika has begun to relax a gret deal. Her hands no longer clutch her shoulders, and she willing accepts my toes across her lips. In fact, she reflexively extends her tongue and squeezes it between my toes. My feet have always brought out the oral inclination in monika, and she soon become more conscious of what she’s just done subconsciously, almost like a baby accepting a soother to suck on.




Letting her give me a good lick


As she becomes more conscious of what she does, she seeks out my big toe, her favourite, and works it between it and my second toe. A favourite place for her to play.



breast step


monika has truly begun to relax and the treatment can begin in earnest. I step on her breast and close my toes over her aureole. She grimaces in pain and tells me it hurts, but her body language alone is more than enough for me to tell how much she’s hurting. Actually, she’s right where I want her–in moderate pain, with her breast tamped down against her ribs.


To be continued.

Foot in His Face, Rage!


 As I think I’ve said, I’m a hard case with a soft centre. I love to bully people ruthlessly for my own sadistic delight, but the more dedicated of my masochists can sometimes get a taste of my soft side. Rage hates having his face stood on and being jumped on with both feet, two activities I therefore cannot resist indulging in. But he does love to suck my toes, though he cringes that I post images and videos of him fellating my feet, even though he signs model release after model release! So maybe I’m not so nice after all. I wouldn’t put my foot in his mouth just to please him; I do it because it pleases me, and I sometimes am pleased at the byproduct of his pleasure. But I do always insist on making a spectacle of humiliation out of him, so maybe that inner side isn’t so soft. In fact, I think I’ll stand on Rage’s face until he gives me his father’s e-mail address so I can send some nice J-pegs along showing his son with a mean-looking skinhead plowing his foot down his throat! Yes, that’s exactly what I’ll do! And if I should happen to get an e-mail back, I’ll be sure to post it on this blog!

Just forget everything I said about a soft centre.

Here’s today’s foot in face.


My big toe used as pacifier on the big baby

As you can see, I’ve got Rage completely under my control in this match. I’ve got hold of both of his wrists and have his head pinned to the mat with my left foot. Rage also had worn himself out trying to escape from a long-applied arm stretcher and used all his gas then. He was mine to torture, sit on, kick, step on, anything I wanted. Instead, I chose mercy; I decided to put my big toe into his mouth. I was assuming he’d be disgusted once he realized what was happening to him. Here I’ve got my toe pressing right up into the side and roof of his mouth, and the big foot-loving freak actually suckled on my toe like it were his mother’s tit! How pathetic! But since then, I’ve been aware that this loser loves my feet, so whenever I give him a taste, I make very sure it’s on my terms, never on his.

Take care, wonderful readers! Even you loser foot worshippers!


Domestic foot abuse, pt 4: foot massage


Hello, dear Doms and doormats.

This is the final entry on my recent apartment setup and one of the last “job posting” entries designed to let you know what you’re in for if you accept my invitation to become one of my floormats.

Here is Rage down on his hands and knees and massaging my feet, dusty from walking around a newly swept apartment floor.

Getting legs up on the table


Rage is surprisingly good with his hands. This was relaxing.


I actually let Rage massage my feet for a good twenty minutes until I was ready for stage two, what I call a “wet” massage. I’m sure you can guess how that works.

Rage doesn't need to be told to start right at the heel and begin painting a thick, warm coat of saliva up my foot right to my toes. He's also licking off much of the dust that's sticking to the soles of my feet.

You can see Rage’s tongue right near my heel. He’s enthusiastic, which is why I have him by my apartment so often. He starts licking the soles of my feet no matter how dirty they are and keeps his tongue nice and wet, even if he has to go grab a glass of water. I always insist he brush his teeth and gargle mouthwash prior to touching my feet with his mouth in this way.

Smooth upward strokes with lots of pressure.


Licking my toe


After a long, technical wet massage in which a man or woman has rigorously stimulated all the muscles and tendons of my feet with their tongue, I always have them deepthroat my entire foot and give it a long suck, just to loosen all of the muscles that may have been worked especially hard by their tongues.

Rage is especially good at this and sucks really nicely and evenly.

Entire foot sunk into his big yap. What delightful suction!

Ever playful, I make a point of making the loser flick his tongue between my toes a few times before getting up.

Between my toes. I do him the courtesy of spreading them.

 So, that was one busy afternoon getting my apartment set up. Thank goodness I had help. The recreational break to wrestle Rage and stomp his face flat was also a much-needed stress-reliever. I highly recommend finding a jobber like Rage you can work your frustrations out on with your feet.   : )

Remember, I’m looking for a replacement for this adorable lunk, so contact me at to apply.


Victor Black

Elevated toe suck

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I’d winnowed my pile of paperwork down  a bit before I started to get bored and restless waiting for the cameraperson to show for the wrestling shoot. I figured I’d make Rage suck my toes for a few minutes; it would be funny, after all, to have Dani (camera) walk into the studio with Rage in mid-slurp on my foot.

As I layed back and crossed my legs waiting for Rage to get down to work, I didn’t expect much more than the usual pedestrian pleasure of Rage’s big, fat tongue working around my toes. Strangely, though, something about putting my feet up on the desk made the experience memorable. My legs were elevated above my hips, so my feet were much less tense. And because they were propped up on a hard desk, I didn’t have to use my thigh muscles to suspend my foot in the air at all. Being able to just focus on the sensation of Rage spreading saliva up and down the sole of my foot without the distractions of little micro-exertions and strains let me home in on the ridiculousness of what was happening.

A grown man was licking my bare feet, degrading himself utterly, just because I had told him to! And the reason he had obeyed was that I was exploiting his deviant little fetish for doing disgusting things to satisfy the bullying pride of an alpha male like me. All of  a sudden, I could have been in a grade-school changeroom ordering the intimidated little nerd to lick my toes in front of a small group of the tough boys in the class. For just a moment, I felt absolutely sadistic, thinking of showing all of you the actual photos of Rage going down on my foot, and him knowing you would all be laughing, showing friends, gasping in disgust, or, like many of you, wishing you were the one being ordered to lick my feet. What a fantastic feeling it was while it lasted. It reminded me of why I am the bullying man I am.

Enjoy the photoset, dear readers. For those of you who don’t know, these are my own photos, and I am the bullying man with the shaved head in all of them. I have clips of this entire scene for sale for anyone who’d like to watch it.